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8 signs you may be afraid of being single

8 signs you may be afraid of being single

Every romantic relationship varies. Some couples may be deeply in love with each other. Some individuals may be in a partnership, but not satisfied with it. Instead of ending the relationship and moving forward, they choose to continue. Could it be love or a fear of being alone that keeps them together? You may convince yourself that you are striving to make your relationship work because of love. However, the reality could be linked to anuptaphobia. Keep reading to discover if you are afraid of being single.

Anuptaphobia, also known as the fear of being single, is not an officially recognized diagnosis.

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What leads to a fear of being alone

Various factors might lead some individuals to dislike being single, including:

• Societal pressure and expectations to be in a relationship.
• Dread of solitude and lacking emotional support.
• Diminished self-confidence and the belief that one requires a partner for validation.
• Previous distressing relationship experiences.
• Attachment concerns or codependency.

Clues you harbor a fear of being alone

Doubting if you have anuptaphobia? These cues can indicate that you dread being single.

1. Continuously pursuing a new partner

According to psychiatrist Dr. Rahul Rai Kakkar, you transition from one relationship to another without affording yourself the opportunity to be alone and reflect.

2. Remaining in unhealthy relationships

Out of fear of being single, you might endure a toxic relationship. Therefore, even if your partner mistreats you or disregards your happiness, you persist in the relationship.

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3. Distress about being alone

Despite striving to salvage a relationship, sometimes things do not work out, leaving you alone. If you experience consistent fear and uneasiness when not in a relationship, you may be harboring a fear of being alone.

4. Diminished self-esteem linked to relationships

You do not always require someone to express love and care. Depending on a partner to feel valued or loved is a clear sign of anuptaphobia.

5. Disregarding personal development

You may prioritize relationships over personal growth or objectives. Neglecting your personal development for a romantic partner is not beneficial.

6. Excessively envious or possessive

While possessiveness in a relationship is common, fearing the loss of a partner can lead to jealousy and control issues if the prospect of being single is unappealing to you.

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7. Emotional reliance

Financial dependence is one matter, but if you heavily depend on your partner for emotional support, you are likely afraid of being single.

8. Neglecting friendships

Friendship holds significance in our lives. In reality, a 2017 study published in the journal Personal Relationships suggested that the well-being and joy of older adults were linked to friendship. However, if being single is unappealing to you, you may distance yourself from friends and family while in a relationship.

Can anuptaphobia impact mental well-being?

This fear can substantially impact your mental well-being, as stated by Dr. Kakkar.

• Anxiety and depression when not in a relationship.
• Diminished self-confidence and a feeling of inadequacy without a partner.
• Struggling to cope with break-ups or relationship difficulties.
• Reduced self-reliance and autonomy.

To conquer the fear of being alone, you can:

• Emphasize self-discovery and personal growth beyond relationships.
• Establish a robust support system comprising family and friends.
• Challenge societal expectations and pressures concerning relationships.
• Develop healthy coping techniques to manage loneliness and anxiety.
• Learn to value and savor being single, embracing independence and self-love.

You can also seek therapy or counseling to address fundamental issues and augment self-esteem.


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