Which Type of Nut is Better For You—Soaked Walnuts or Soaked Almonds?

Which Type of Nut is Better For You—Soaked Walnuts or Soaked Almonds?
Which Type of Nut is Better For You—Soaked Walnuts or Soaked Almonds?

Regarding nutrition, both almonds and walnuts are excellent foods for well-being. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or striving to make better health decisions, you must be familiar with these popular nuts. However, in the nutty face-off of these superfoods, which will emerge victorious: soaked almonds or soaked walnuts?

Both almonds and walnuts are powerhouses of vital nutrients and possess their own distinctive characteristics when soaked. To identify which one is superior for you, Health Shots consulted Barkha Ahuja, senior dietitian at Accord Superspeciality Hospital. Let’s delve into it!

What are the advantages of soaked almonds for health?

Soaked almonds are essentially almonds that have been immersed in water overnight. Here are the perks of soaked almonds:

Benefits of almonds
Health benefits of soaked almonds. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

1. Beneficial for digestion

Soaked almonds are simpler to digest, as this process diminishes the levels of phytic acid, which can impede mineral absorption. Soaked almonds could be gentle on the gastrointestinal system, making them a favorable choice for individuals with a delicate stomach, as per the dietitian.

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2. Abundant in nutrients

Soaked almonds possess properties that activate enzymes and potentially enhance the availability of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

3. Easier to chew

An excellent reason to incorporate soaked almonds in your diet is their softer texture. Soaked almonds are “more agreeable, particularly for those with dental problems,” states the expert.

What are the health advantages of soaked walnuts?

Soaked walnuts involve soaking raw walnuts in water. Although walnuts do not contain as much phytic acid as almonds, soaking can still yield certain benefits. Here are the perks of soaked walnuts:

1. Diminishes bitterness

Do you dislike the bitter taste of walnuts? Try soaking them overnight to reduce the inherent bitterness.

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2. Favorable for digestion

Similar to soaked almonds, soaked walnuts may also enhance the digestibility of walnuts by breaking down compounds that can cause digestive discomfort, as per Ahuja.

3. Ensures hydration

During soaking, walnuts absorb a significant amount of water, making them slightly plumper and potentially more hydrating to consume, states the dietitian.

benefits of soaked walnuts
Soaked walnuts are also a fantastic health booster. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

Soaked almonds vs soaked walnuts: Which option is more beneficial?

The decision between soaked almonds and soaked walnuts hinges on your unique dietary needs and preferences:

1. Digestive sensitivity

If you experience digestive problems or have a sensitive stomach, both soaked almonds and soaked walnuts can be gentler on your digestive system compared to their dry counterparts.

2. Nutritional objectives

Both soaked almonds and soaked walnuts offer nutritional benefits, yet almonds are recognized for being rich in vitamin E and calcium, while walnuts are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. Take into account your specific nutrient requirements.

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3. Culinary applications

The choice may also be influenced by the recipes you intend to utilize them in. Soaked almonds can be excellent for smoothies and baking, while soaked walnuts can be integrated into salads or used as a topping for various dishes, as explained by the dietitian.

In the end, the selection between soaked almonds and soaked walnuts boils down to personal preference and dietary objectives. You can also reap the benefits of both by incorporating both nuts into your diet. They are both nutritious options that can be part of a wholesome and balanced diet.

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