12 Of The Best Gifts For New (and Recently New) Parents

12 Of The Best Gifts For New (and Recently New) Parents

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Welcoming a new addition to your family is a time filled with excitement, stress, and joy for everyone involved. While friends, grandparents, and other close ones may stop by for a quick visit to meet the new arrival, the new parents are responsible for most of the heavy work. Despite the influx of gifts, the focus usually falls on the newborn. However, we’ve taken a different approach and found some special gifts (still for the little ones) that can significantly ease the lives of the parents. So, whether you’re searching for a gift for a sibling, cousin, or best friend, here are some of our top gift ideas for new parents.

(credit: Adventuretown Toy Emporium)

Adventuretown Toy Emporium’s Classic 1920s Pedal Car ($400)

This nostalgic and skillfully crafted gift is something that both you and your little one can relish. Made in France and offered in red, white, green, and blue, this small pedal car will bring joy to your children as they cruise along the sidewalk in style. Modeled after elegant cars from the 1920s, your little one will be the object of envy for other children in the neighborhood as they roll around in true sophistication. Suitable for ages three to six, this car is shipped directly from the manufacturer and requires assembly upon arrival.

(credit: WonderFold)

WonderFold W2 Elite Stroller Wagon ($529)

This stroller wagon easily folds down for convenient travel and more adventures, boasting ample storage space to ensure that you don’t forget a thing on your next family outing. With two kids accommodated in removable raised seats (equipped with a five-point safety harness) that recline, this versatile wagon stroller offers plenty of storage including pockets on all sides and a detachable rear basket to hold all your essentials. The W2 is furnished with all-terrain wheels, an adjustable push handle, and a user-friendly one-step foot brake to make life easier for parents and keep the kids secure. Available in black and gray with an adaptable and removable UV-protected canopy, it’s ready to tackle any of life’s adventures in comfort.

(credit: CuboAi)

CuboAi Smart Health Bundle $459

Nothing can be more vital than ensuring your baby’s safety, and with the CuboAi Smart Health Bundle, parents can stay fully informed. Along with the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor (with floor stand, crib mount, and mobile stand) that utilizes computer vision to monitor your baby, the package includes the CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad and Smart Temp device. Parents can now have peace of mind as they can monitor their baby’s breathing motions and body temperature in real time through the app. Added to capturing sleep patterns, other features include: AI-covered face and rollover detection, true cry detection, cough detection, and danger zone detection, allowing parents to mark areas in their homes that are off-limits to the baby.

(credit: TLK Fusion)

Mompush Ultimate 2 Bassinet & Stroller set ($389.99)

From a brand that understands the needs of contemporary parents, the Mompush Ultimate 2 Stroller is a high-class reversible full-size stroller that goes the extra mile to meet all your parenting requirements. Available in seven colors and suitable from infancy to early childhood, this well-crafted, multi-functional stroller provides exceptional comfort and adaptability, as well as the convenience of seamlessly integrating the stroller and infant car seat. Easily switch between the bassinet and regular seat and add on their Stroller Organizer ($29.99) to carry all your essentials while taking a stroll with your little one.

(credit: Snuz)

SnuzPod4 ($239)

The UK’s favored bedside bassinet is making its debut in the US starting in September 2023. The SnuzPod4 is a bedside crib that has been offering a secure sleep solution for babies in the UK for over a decade. Now in its fourth iteration, the bedside crib is making its way across the Atlantic, delivering a smart sleep solution and featuring a lightweight lift-off bassinet for effortless use around the house. Available in four colors (natural, dove gray, espresso, and white), it is equipped with an innovative ComfortAir™ breathable system for regulating temperature and seven height settings to accommodate a wide range of adult beds.

(credit: Peg Perego)

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair ($329-$429)

Offered in twelve different colors, this highchair is ideal for little ones from birth to toddlerhood. With five reclining seat positions, nine different height positions, and an adjustable three-position footrest, this highchair is crafted from environmentally friendly leather upholstery that is resistant to stains. The versatile, ultra-compact high chair folds swiftly and compactly for easy storage when not in use. Featuring a five-point safety harness and passive restraint bar, your child will be safe while enjoying their favorite little treats.

(credit: courtesy of Saatva)

Saatva Crib Mattress ($355)

Designed to help regulate infant and toddler body temperature and offer them optimal support at every stage of growth, this crib mattress is suitable for little ones from infancy to three years old. The dual-sided (for babies and toddlers) baby mattress is handcrafted with natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials to provide your little one with the comfort and deep sleep they require.  Add their organic cotton crib sheet pair ($79) to offer your little one the utmost protection and comfort, and provide yourself with peace of mind as your baby is cradled in soothing comfort.

(credit: Figgyplay.com)


The Figgy Play Couch ($379)

Figgy is the ultimate luxurious modular children’s play couch that allows your little one’s imagination to soar while engaging in independent play.  From building forts to treehouses or sailing the high seas, the Figgy is recognized for its distinct Velcro connectors and durable yet soft Certi-PUR US Trademark Figgyfoam, ensuring that all your child’s creations stay put as they explore, jump, sit, and climb on this versatile kids’ sofa! Available in seven colors, the Figgy bundle comes with four base cushions, two rectangles, a wedge, and waterproof liners.

(credit: Kahlmi)

Kahlmi’s Complete Baby Massager ($119)

Soothe your baby’s discomfort with the Complete Baby Massager from Kahlmi, which offers three adjustable levels of vibration according to the baby’s age. Whether it’s teething, constipation, fussiness, gas, or sore muscles from crawling around,the treatment wand provides an organic and complete answer to various new parent issues. Devised by a certified instructor in infant bodywork and a mother of two boys, the manipulator fosters improved rest, calmness, connection and displayed noticeable enhancements in digestion.

(credit: courtesy of BÉIS)

BÉIS’ Backpack Diaper Bag ($148)

Accessible in dark, charcoal and navy shades, the Backpack Diaper Bag is the ideal and fashionable accessory for parents on-the-move. Elegant enough that no one will suspect that a soiled diaper inside, the bag features vital functions for every requirement, including a changing pad with a diaper and infant wipes pocket, smell proof pouch, teething ring and more. With five exterior pockets, detachable stroller straps and even a cushioned laptop sleeve, this fashionable bag is stain-resistant and includes a vegan leather trim.

(credit: Little Unicorn)

Little Unicorn’s Infant Car Seat Footmuff ($90)

For those frosty days out, the Infant Car Seat Footmuff is available in eight distinct hues and ensures your little one is snug and toasty when it’s cold outside. With a hassle-free magnetic closure and a trendy, weather-resistant covering, the soft-quilted interior liner keeps your baby comfortable even in cooler temperatures. Simplify your outings with its stretch band for effortless install and removal while its open back design provides easy access to the harness system. Machine washable with a stuff sack included, take on inclement weather with ease with this stylish footmuff.

(credit: Ventray)

Ventray BabyGrow EliteBaby Food Maker ($85.99)

An excellent kitchen gizmo to make parent’s lives simpler, the Ventray BabyGrow EliteBaby Food Maker blends convenience and wellness to nourish their little ones with homemade, nourishing meals. Ensuring that every spoonful of food is free from additives and preservatives, the baby food processor is everything you need to feed your child right. Theall-in-one baby food processor allows for steaming, defrosting and blending along with featuring a built-in timer allowing for up to 30 minutes of continuous steaming or defrosting.

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