15 Interesting Facts About Germany You Probably Didn’t Know

15 Interesting Facts About Germany You Probably Didn’t Know
15 Interesting Facts About Germany You Probably Didn’t Know

Germany, undeniably, ranks as one of the most remarkable destinations nestled in the heart of Europe. When traversing this gorgeous country, you cannot help but stumble upon a plethora of discoveries, including historical cities, picturesque landscapes, remarkable architecture, vibrant nocturnal options, diverse festivals, and gatherings. Additionally, the delectable cuisine and beer must not be overlooked!

The cultural opulence of Germany certainly furnishes you with numerous motives to envisage your forthcoming trip to Deutschland. Here are 15 exceptional and captivating details about Germany (that you probably didn’t know)!

1. The Official Drinking Age Is 16

Germans are permitted to partake in unconcentrated alcoholic beverages, like wine and beer, at the tender age of 16 sans their guardians’ accompaniment – A staggering discrepancy of 5 years when juxtaposed with the United States!

However, to consume distilled spirits, Germans have to wait until they come of age at 18.

2. Germany Boasts Over 1,000 Different Varieties of Sausages

Germany is renowned for its palatable sausages. However, it might astound you to learn that Germans take pride in an excess of 1,000 distinct types of sausages! 

Prominent sausage variants encompass Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Frankfurter, Knackwurst, and Teewurst. Given the diverse seasoning employed in fashioning these sausages, every one of them merits sampling. Ensure to relish as many of these delectable sausages during your sojourn in Germany!

3. The Inaugural Oktoberfest Originated as a Nuptial Celebration

The Oktoberfest, the renowned German festivities, is commemorated annually in Munich. However, unbeknownst to many, the origins of the initial Oktoberfest in 1810 trace back to honoring the union of the Crown Prince of Bavaria and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. It wasn’t until later that this yearly jubilee burgeoned into an expansive celebration featuring beer and German epicurean delights, presently captivating over 6 million attendees annually.

Regrettably, the Oktoberfest succumbed to cancellation this year owing to the coronavirus pandemic. However, with any luck, the festival will resume in 2022 as usual.

4. Germany Houses Over 400 Zoos

The foremost revelation is that the country is home to more than 400 documented zoos. 

The Zoological Garden in Berlin (Zoologischer Garten Berlin) stands as one of the most extensive and earliest zoos in Germany (established in 1844). This zoo showcases a colossal array of species: you can encounter approximately 1,200 species sprawled across 84 acres (34 ha) of terrain. 

This explains why a copious number of visitors flock to this zoo annually. In 2019 alone, the Berlin Zoo welcomed over 3 million visitors!

5. Germany Boasts the Highest Smartphone Usage Globally

Per a 2020 analysis by Newzoo, Germany stands as the global frontrunner in terms of smartphone adoption, with 67.14 million out of a total populace of 83.9 million being smartphone users, positioning the country’s smartphone penetration rate at 80%.

In comparison, major countries such as the US and China register rates of 72.1% and 59.9%, respectively, underscoring the country’s staunch embrace of mobile technology.

A majority of locals engage Telekom, Vodafone, or O2, yet, for travelers, a pre-paid SIM card crafted for Europe offers a more economical and hassle-free alternative.

6. Germany Encompasses Some of the Globe’s Most Breathtaking Castles

Germany readily proffers a plethora of the globe’s most extraordinary castles, with countless castles dispersed across the country. – As per certain appraisals, Germany harbors over 20,000 castles!

Just to cite a select few castles worth visiting, here is a rundown of Germany’s most exquisite castles:

  • Eltz Castle
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Hohenzollern Castle
  • Marburger Schloss
  • Hohenschwangau Castle

7. One-Third of the Country Is Garbed in Forests

If you revel in the tranquility and allure of woodlands, then Germany undoubtedly stands out as an exemplary travel destination for you. Evidently, forests and woodlands enshroud approximately one-third of the land. Consequently, upon your arrival in Germany, you will happen upon several captivating woodland precincts to explore.

The Black Forest, a sprawling 6,009 km² woodland in Baden-Württemberg, probably stands as the most spellbinding forest in Germany. A mandatory stopover for devotees of nature!

8. A Multitude of Unexploded Bombs Litter Germany

Even decades subsequent to World War II, Germany unearths an exorbitant number of unexploded bombs (surpassing 2,000 tons!) annually. Ergo, prior to initiating any new construction endeavors involving excavation, experts necessitate authenticating the absence of unexploded ordnance in the subsoil.

9. The Birth of the Christmas Tree Tradition Can Be Attributed to Germany

Christmas abounds with myriad traditions. However, the adornment of a tree appears to be among the foremost rituals. 

Legend has it that the tradition of the Christmas tree germinated in Germany. As per folklore, it was Martin Luther who inaugurated the practice of adorning a tree with illuminated candles in the 16th century.

10. Prison Break Is Legally Permissible in the Nation

One of the most intriguing disclosures about Germany is that eluding from prison evades legal repercussions in the country. The underlying philosophy postulates that the urge to achieve freedom and abscond is viewed as an innate human instinct. Thus, apprehended escapees are not arraigned for absconding unless they infringe upon the law during the attempt (e.g., property damage, assault, etc.).

11. Germans Reign Supreme in European Beer Manufacturing

While it is a prevalent belief that Germans are champions in annual beer consumption, the veracity is that the Czechs outpace them in beer imbibing.

However, when it comes to beer production, Germans can justifiably bask in their glory. Within Europe, Germany secures the prime position. The country hosts an upward of 1,300 breweries.

12. The Majority of German Establishments Shut Doors on Sundays

In light of Sunday being a day of repose for Germans, the norm dictates that the majority of establishments remain shuttered on this day. Naturally, exceptions do exist. Therefore, one can chance upon select open establishments, such as bakeries, grocery stores at various transit stations, and shops at gas stations.

13. The Pinnacle Reaches Heights of 2,962 m

Zugspitze stands as Germany’s loftiest summit. This peak, soaring to an altitude of 2,962 meters above sea level, allures numerous global travelers, both skiers and non-skiers alike, longing to behold this resplendent locale and its panoramic vista. 

Germany’s preeminent and cherished ski resort is nestled within Zugspitze.

14. The Narrowest Street Worldwide is Tucked Away in Germany

According to the annals of the Guinness World Records, the narrowest alley, known as Spreuerhofstraße, clinches the title of the narrowest thoroughfare on the planet. This alley meanders within Reutlingen, a German city in Baden-Württemberg. This street’s width never exceeds 50 cm (approximately 19.7 in) even at its widest section. The narrowest juncture that secured Spreuerhofstraße’s triumph in the Guinness World Records spans a mere 31 cm (about 12.2 in).

15. A German Cathedral Stands as the Tallest Globally

Add to the tally of astounding world records! The loftiest church in the world also graces the German soil. The Ulm Minster ascends to a height of 161.5 meters (530 ft) and was meticulously erected to stand several meters taller than the Cologne Cathedral, which soars to 157.4 meters (516.4 ft).

We trust you relished these extraordinary facts about Germany and wish you a secure and enriching sojourn in this resplendent land!

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