5 Weekend Road Trips From Berlin

5 Weekend Road Trips From Berlin
5 Weekend Road Trips From Berlin

It’s difficult to become uninterested in Berlin. With its abundant historical landmarks, distinctive neighborhoods teeming with international markets, and infamous nightlife, most people find it challenging to depart!

However, even the most ardent city dweller requires a break from all the commotion every now and then, and you don’t have to venture far to discover a little relief – even a weekend camping trip is an excellent way to rejuvenate. 

The way we travel has certainly evolved in recent years. If you appreciate freedom and a flexible schedule, one of the finest ways to venture out and explore is by hiring a motorhome and hitting the road.

If you have some additional time to explore, take a look at my 2-week itinerary for Germany. Until then, here are five weekend getaways from Berlin.

1. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Do not be misled: Saxon Switzerland National Park is actually nowhere close to Switzerland. It’s located in the eastern part of Germany, near Dresden, and is home to some of the most unique craggy rocks and sandstone pillar formations in Europe. 

The River Elbe runs directly through the park, and you’ll experience unparalleled views over the area from the renowned Bastei Bridge. It rises 194 meters above the river and seems to be surreally embedded in the rock.

2. Dresden, Germany

Dresden, GermanyDresden, Germany
Church Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany

You can effortlessly combine your trip to Saxon Switzerland with some time in Dresden, one of Germany’s most exquisite cities filled with Baroque architecture, historical sites, and numerous museums. My favorite is the Green Vault: it houses the largest treasure hoard in Europe.

Head to the Old Town to see the Georgenbau, a palace constructed in the 1500s, or explore the impressive Dresden Cathedral. The streets around the Old Town are lined with eateries, cafés, bars, and shops. When it’s time to park your motorhome, you’ll find numerous campsites on the outskirts of town.  

3. The Baltic Sea

When summer arrives, Berliners rush to the Baltic Sea on the weekends for a soothing beach-filled escape.

Towns like Ahrenshoop and Schwaan are cherished artist colonies, and they’re brimming with galleries and exhibits. Creative individuals hang out here working on their art or enjoying the beach, contributing to the lively atmosphere that makes these towns so delightful. You’ll certainly want to stay for some time.

4. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, GermanyHamburg, Germany

Hamburg is a brief journey from Berlin, but it is often overshadowed by its older, more boisterous big brother. This bustling port city is not only attractive, but it also boasts some of Germany’s finest restaurants and nightlife options.

The Old Town is a joy to explore, and you’ll find some historic churches in this area as well as the expansive City Hall which has retained all of its original architecture. Park your motorhome at a campsite and dedicate some time to exploring this city on foot.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

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If you have a camper van, head over to the neighboring country. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is only a few hours’ drive away, but you might as well be in a different world. Virtually untouched during WWII, Prague is adorned with vibrant Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture and a plethora of historical landmarks. The castle and Wenceslas Square are two must-see attractions. 

Do not depart town without visiting the beer gardens or embarking on a culinary tour of the city.


One of the greatest benefits of being situated in a central city like Berlin is the opportunity to explore numerous diverse places within just a day trip or weekend visit, and it’s completely safe to do so. All you need is a camper van rental (and perhaps a map).

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