It’s Holiday Travel Season—Here Are the 8 Products You Need for a Stress-Free Journey

It’s Holiday Travel Season—Here Are the 8 Products You Need for a Stress-Free Journey
It’s Holiday Travel Season—Here Are the 8 Products You Need for a Stress-Free Journey

My first time watching Home Alone as a child, the airport scene depicted the complete chaos of holiday travel. And it was a true representation, wasn’t it?

As an adult who has been living over a thousand miles away from my parents for the past six years, I can attest to the fact that they were not exaggerating. If you are already feeling anxious about boarding a plane during the busiest (and most stressful) time of the year, I can relate.

First and foremost, always do a head count to ensure you have not left anyone at home, inspired by Home Alone (just kidding, but you never know). Secondly, bring along some items that will help calm your nerves and stress levels so you can use this plane time as a brief moment of self-care before the actual holiday chaos sets in. You might be thinking: Do I need to make another list?!

Absolutely not. You already have your own packing list (and gift lists, snack lists, and holiday party lists) to juggle, so we have compiled eight products—many of which are available for purchase during this shopping season—that will help ensure a stress-free (and even relaxing) holiday travel experience.

And who knows, with all this holiday self-care preparation, traveling during this time might even become something you eagerly anticipate each year.

Shop Holiday Travel Relaxation Essentials

Apple AirTags 2pk Bundle w/Keychains, Luggage Tag & Voucher — $80.00

Apple AirTags are the perfect stocking-stuffer gift and this means you should get one for yourself this holiday season, especially if you’re traveling back home.

You can simply place the trackable tag into your luggage, wallet, handbag, or any other item you might tend to misplace during your travels, giving you instant peace of mind by knowing that you won’t have to stress about the whereabouts of your belongings while waiting at the baggage claim. You can utilize the Find My app to keep track of all your possessions without worries. You might as well stock up on a few for all your various items, as it’s on sale until Nov. 30 for just $80 instead of the usual $150.

Baggallini 3-pack Compression Cubes — $35.00

Is there anything more stressful than having to take things out of your suitcase at the check-in counter because your bag is overweight? Make it easier for yourself if you need to shed some weight with these compression cubes, which allow you to fit a lot more stuff in a small space—and are also convenient to throw in your carry-on if necessary.

19V69 ITALIA Vintage 3-Piece Expandable Retro Spinner Luggage Set — $304.00

Heavy or unmanageable luggage is an underrated source of travel frustration. Get this set of three lightweight—and fashionable—suitcases so you’re prepared to effortlessly glide through any airport or train station. If white luggage isn’t your preference (even though it’s scratch-resistant and incredibly durable), you can check out this timeless black set.

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Badgley Mischka Anna Vegan Leather Tote Weekender Travel Bag — $80.00

Every frequent traveler is familiar with the irritation of placing your smaller bag on top of your roller, only to have it rotate and slip off the back when you encounter a significant bump while walking. Avoid this common situation with a spacious tote bag featuring a pass-through pocket, allowing you to attach it to the handle of your suitcase. This one is currently discounted by $120 and is available in white and black to complement your chosen luggage set.

Tarte 3-pack Maracuja Juicy Lipstick — $25.00

These cruelty-free lipsticks have gained popularity on TikTok for their smooth application and vibrant colors. Additionally, they offer excellent hydration while providing a plumping effect to the lips. Apply one at the end of your journey, and you’ll instantly appear rejuvenated, regardless of how early you had to wake up to catch your flight. The set, originally priced at over $70, is currently available at a discounted price of $28, so it’s the perfect time to determine your favorite shade while you’re up in the air.

BEARPAW Lucille Water and Stain-Repellent Suede Mule — $60.00

These fashionable and comfortable Ugg-style mules are the ideal slip-on shoe for convenience during your journey. They are so comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing them until someone asks about your new stylish shoes. Instead of spending over a hundred dollars on a similar pair you may have seen, these look-alike mules are currently available for $60, leaving more room in your budget to complete the rest of your holiday season wardrobe.

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Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Contour Cream Duo — $76.00

In case your holiday travels require an early rise, stay a step ahead of those under-eye shadows with this eye cream rich in antioxidants. It will leave you with a moisturized, glowing look, even if you find yourself relying solely on the holiday spirit.

Apple iPad 10th Gen Bundle with Keyboard & Headphones — $620.00

You wouldn’t want to solely rely on in-flight entertainment for your trip. Take charge of your own relaxation and entertainment by grabbing this iPad bundle (currently available at a $230 discount!) which includes headphones. This way, you can sit back, tune into your favorite show, and enjoy some much-needed downtime before the festive chaos unfolds.

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