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Protein is absolutely essential in your diet, especially if you exercise and want to lose weight. However, there are risks if you overdo it.

“Eat more protein”, advise doctors and nutritionists, mainly addressing people over 40, as it is necessary (along with exercise) to maintain the muscle mass we lose as we grow older. In addition, protein is necessary if we want to lose weight , while studies recommend its vegan versions, and in moderate quantities eggs, chicken and dairy, to avoid Alzheimer ‘s .

These are heard by many and plastered over meats, egg whites and powdered supplements . And yes, protein can be valuable for our body’s basic functions and tissue regeneration by creating new cells, but do we often go overboard? And how will we know?

How much protein should we consume daily?

According to a Harvard article the ideal amount of protein we should consume daily is somewhat uncertain. “It is often stated that the recommended daily intake for men is 56g. and for women 46 g. You can get this amount if you eat 1 portion of low-fat yogurt or 115 g. lean chicken and a bowl of cereal with skim milk.


Is it okay to eat more protein than I need?



There is also the 0.8g theory . per kilogram of body weight , i.e. a 63 kg person can eat 51 g. of protein per day. However, people who exercise regularly and are trying to build muscle may need more.”

Of course, completes the article, the type of protein you consume also plays a role . Eating protein from healthy sources, such as salmon, yogurt and legumes, should be preferred over red meat .

And then some other experts come who say that all the above recommendations are wrong and that we should consume more protein, maybe even twice as much. So, let’s figure it out!

Can eating too much protein be dangerous?

Harvard rightly says a resounding yes , as – as with most things in this life – excess hurts. “People on high-protein diets have a higher risk of kidney stones . A diet high in red meat and higher in saturated fat can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and colon cancer . Conversely, a diet rich in plant-based protein may not carry similar risks.”


Is it okay to eat more protein than I need?



But as experts do not fully agree on the ideal amount and more studies are needed, “the average person – who is not an athlete or a body builder – is better off not taking more than 2 grams. of protein per kilogram,” the article concludes. At least until we have newer data on the maximum safe limit.

  • Find out, in collaboration with your doctor, if you are at risk of health problems due to your diet.
  • Choose to get your protein from healthy sources, such as low-fat dairy, fish, nuts, beans, lean chicken and turkey.
  • Choose a balanced diet, such as the Mediterranean or DASH , which are rich in vegetables, fruits and fiber.

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