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Panagiota Riga reveals her very useful secrets for dealing with fine wrinkles on the face.

In the conversations I have with dermatologists to learn and deepen the issues I deal with, I am also very interested in the personal dimension. That is, to learn from the experts how they deal with their own skin problems. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with the dermatologist, Panagiota Rigas , about a topic that concerns her: fine wrinkles .

Mrs. Riga told me that she notices the fine wrinkling, mainly around the mouth and on the cheeks: “This is because I have thin skin and an expressive face ,” she characteristically told me. I persisted a little, asking to know more about fine wrinkles, about the treatments she does in the clinic, but also about the care she offers to her skin at home.

– What are fine lines and where do they appear?

These are the fine lines that are created around the eyes (crow’s feet), around the mouth (smoking certainly makes them more pronounced, but non-smokers also have them), on the cheeks when we laugh (called accordion lines), as well as on forehead . Fine wrinkles are basically expression wrinkles . They appear from a young age in very expressive people who laugh often, talk a lot or raise their eyebrows a lot. Of course, they deepen with time.

Thinner, mixed or dry skins are more prone to get them . In contrast, there are skins that are thicker, usually oilier, with more sebaceous glands, which are more firm and resistant to time and do not wrinkle easily.

– Where are fine wrinkles caused?

First, the intensity with which we express ourselves and how strongly our muscles move play an important role. Clearly heredity determines our skin type, but our daily habits and lifestyle slow down or accelerate aging. Sun exposure and photoaging are scientifically proven to make wrinkles more pronounced. The same applies to smoking .

Also, some basic mistakes we make in our skincare routine, such as insufficient hydration or excessive exfoliation, make wrinkles more visible.


fine wrinkles



– What should we do when wrinkles of this type appear?

Fine wrinkles are not easily treated, because they are in kinetic areas in which our expression is imprinted. In order not to be disappointed, the first thing we need to keep in mind is that we can improve their appearance, but in many cases we cannot eliminate them .

Our main goal is to enhance overall skin quality by stimulating collagen production . Thus, we improve the appearance of wrinkles that already exist, but we also prevent the appearance of new ones. It is more effective to work on the skin as a whole instead of focusing only on the wrinkle.

Also, it is better not to completely correct a wrinkle than to inflate the face.

– Which treatments do you choose?

The Dermapen, that is the device that does microneedling, is one of my favorite treatments . It has a very short recovery time: the mild erythema caused lasts only 1-2 days and is completely covered with a simple colored product. Applied at all times of the year, even if there is sunshine, it is extremely effective on its own, but can also be combined with other treatments for even better results. Four Dermapen treatments every year, with an interval of 4-6 weeks, give a very good result in the matter of fine wrinkles.

I like to combine it with the innovative PRX-T33 peel, a non-injectable biorejuvenation treatment that stimulates skin regeneration. Although it is strong, it does not cause peeling. I also choose injectable mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and amino acids, which contains a few units of botox. It is ideal because it maintains all the expression, but treats wrinkles. These micro-doses of botulinum toxin , applied superficially to the entire face and neck, offer a total rejuvenation to the skin. In the case of co-existing rosacea, this treatment controls the erythema very effectively.

Finally, I can locally correct any wrinkle by filling it with a very thin hyaluronic acid implant or collagen stimulators , which I’m excited about. Without inflating the skin, they give a very natural effect that lasts over a year.

– And how do you take care of your skin at home?

It is completely useless for someone to do treatments in the doctor’s office but to neglect care at home. The appropriate daily care routine maintains and maximizes the results of the treatments.


fine wrinkles



I don’t believe in complicated beauty routines. I consider it fundamental to apply sunscreen to the face, neck, décolleté and hands in winter and summer, because 80% of skin aging is due to the sun . I repeat the use of the sun cream during the day. If you don’t renew it, it’s like you haven’t installed it!

As for the rest of my care routine, I do the following: as soon as I get out of the bathroom, I apply an antioxidant serum to all areas and on top of that a generous dose of a moisturizing sunscreen , with which I have replaced the day cream. During the day, I touch up with a tinted sunscreen powder over my makeup.

I’m also a big believer in skin cycling! That is, I use the products in rotation, not all together, one on top of the other, alternating the strong ingredients with moisturizing days in four-day cycles. For example, I use retinol the first night, exfoliate the second, and complete the cycle with moisturizer the next two nights. After the first four days, I repeat the cycle. Skin cycling mobilizes the skin with active ingredients, but at the same time does not dry it out and keeps the epidermal barrier intact.

– Are there alternative ways to treat fine wrinkles?

Various alternative techniques may improve muscle tone , such as face yogaor blood circulation , such as gua sha . But I don’t think they can have a visible effect on fine wrinkles.

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