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Why am I getting Advertisement on website ?

You are getting ads on Nutrihumans.com  because advertising is a primary method for generating revenue for many online platforms. Here are several reasons why you encounter ads while browsing

Revenue Generation

Websites often provide free content and services, and displaying ads is a way for them to earn money. Advertisers pay website owners to display their ads, allowing the sites to monetize their traffic without charging users directly.

Targeted Advertising

Ads are often tailored to individual users based on their browsing history, search queries, and online behavior. This is done through the use of cookies and tracking technologies that collect data about your interests and preferences. Targeted ads aim to show you products or services you are more likely to be interested in, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Ad Networks and Exchanges

Many websites partner with ad networks and exchanges that connect advertisers with publishers (website owners). These networks facilitate the placement of ads on a wide range of sites, allowing advertisers to reach a broader audience and websites to access a variety of ads.

Content Sponsorship

Some ads are part of sponsorship deals where advertisers pay for their content to be featured on certain websites. This can include sponsored articles, videos, or banner ads that promote the advertiser’s products or services.


If you’ve visited an online store or shown interest in a product, you might see ads for that store or similar products on other websites. This is known as remarketing or retargeting, and it aims to remind you of your interest and encourage you to complete a purchase.

Ad Personalization Settings

Many online services, such as Google and social media platforms, offer personalized ads based on the data they collect from your usage patterns. You can often manage and adjust your ad preferences through your account settings on these platforms.

Browser Extensions and Add-Ons

Some browser extensions and add-ons can also inject ads into the web pages you visit. If you have installed such extensions, you might see additional ads beyond those intended by the website itself.