What Food Should I Avoid For High Triglycerides?

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What Food Should I Avoid For High Triglycerides?

Triglycerides are beneficial for our body as long as they do not exceed a certain limit. Our diet plays the main role in keeping them down.

On the list of laboratory tests, right below Cholesterol are Triglycerides , which according to the indicative limits for adults should correspond to a number less than 150. Most of us know all this, but few have understood the insidious role their.

Where are triglycerides in our body, what is the use of measuring them, why should we take care to keep them low and how do we achieve this?

What are triglycerides?

Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the bloodstream. In fact, it is the most common type of fat in the body and one of the body’s main sources of energy.

Triglycerides are created from foods such as butter, oils, meat, dairy and other fatty foods. The body uses some of these as immediate “fuel” while storing the rest for later use. In addition, the body creates its own supply of triglycerides in the liver.

Although triglycerides are useful for the body to function properly, high levels can increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. That is why it is important to monitor them with relevant exams, so as to keep them under the 150 points limit . This is mainly achieved through the diet, which should be low in fat and sugar.
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What foods to avoid to keep triglycerides low

According to a 2021 study , eating a diet high in fat, sugar, or foods with a high glycemic index (GI) can increase triglyceride levels. Such foods are:

– Saturated fats

Saturated are the so-called “bad” fats, which can raise LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. These are mainly found in animal foods, such as:

  • beef,
  • lamb,
  • pork,
  • poultry,
  • butter,
  • cheese,
  • lard,
  • ice cream.

– Trans fats

Trans fats are another type of unhealthy fat that raise LDL cholesterol levels while lowering “good” HDL cholesterol . Trans fats that are artificially derived from processed foods are extremely harmful, such as:

  • fried foods, such as donuts and French fries,
  • baked goods (eg cookies),
  • frozen pizza,
  • margarine.
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– Foods and drinks with a high sugar content

A large percentage of sugar is converted into triglycerides in the body. Foods such as fruit contain plant sugars, as well as fiber, which are part of a healthy diet. However, foods with added sugars contribute to an increase in triglycerides. Indicative:

  • Confectionery
  • Cake
  • Cookies
  • Sweet
  • Pies
  • Donuts
  • Ice creams

As well as drinks such as:

  • Soft drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Sweetened milks and coffees
  • Energy drinks
  • Flavored waters
– Foods with a high caloric value

Foods like the following raise triglycerides and with it weight:

  • Processed foods, such as bacon and salami.
  • Fast food.
  • Fried.
  • Packaged foods such as crisps and chocolates.

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