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The rise in temperature also destroys smoothies, in fact their precious ingredients! How; Not as you imagine…

In the fast times we live in, I think we all agree that smoothies are the best way to consume the necessary amounts – or at least a large part of them – of fruits and vegetables, which keep our bodies in good condition. With smoothies we can even consume vegetables and fruits that we don’t like but are very beneficial.

Personally, I want to incorporate into a smoothie recipe “yucky” okra and “yucky” cauliflower , artichoke, broccoli, and even durian, the king of the “I’m-not-going-to-put-it-in-my-mouth” -me-even-if-they-shoot me”! All of them are extremely valuable nutritionally .

But are smoothies as beneficial to our health as we think? Yes, under one strict condition: they must not have undergone heat treatment! The heat that develops during their preparation in various devices largely destroys nutrients and trace elements valuable for our health. That’s why chefs (in this case, their assistants) don’t chop onions in a blender: they lose flavor and aroma properties that translate into nutrients.





If you wonder how this destructive heat develops, it is in the way the machines most of us work: high revs . A blender or a centrifugal juicer develop such temperatures, which turn a smoothie almost into a simple delicious juice. While it does not burden us as e.g. soft drinks, but it does not fully give us the nutritional elements for which we make it.

Olive oil connoisseurs know that the designation “extra virgin” means nothing if it is not accompanied by the distinction of “cold pressing” ! This is exactly the solution for smoothies and it’s called cold press juicers , cold press juicers (or slow press, as our big e-shops refer to them)!

They are electrical devices that cost more than the ones we usually use (juicers, blenders) and are slower, but produce less noise and are more economical in electricity consumption.

Plus, there are no other options for proper smoothies. Or, rather, not: The ingenious traditional tool called a mortar can do a similar job . But let’s keep it to properly prepare the two super spreads of the Greek diet: taramosalata and skordalia.

So, if we want to enjoy smoothies to the maximum, let’s look for it now in the sales season, and of course ask when we order out.


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