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Have you been trying to eat healthy for a long time? Have you made a plan but can’t follow it? Five ways can help you.

Do you find it difficult to eat healthy and prefer easy food solutions? If so, we understand you! After all, it is not easier to take a cheese pie or a croissant from the oven on your way to work in the morning, than to make e.g. a healthy oatmeal breakfast at home? Or ordering in instead of cooking your lunch?

The thing about healthy eating is that many times it doesn’t take effort, it takes a way. As several nutritional programs support, we don’t need to deprive ourselves of all the things we enjoy eating, such as “fast” food or sweets , just eat them less often and in moderation or replace some ingredients (e.g. butter ) in order to our meal becomes more nutritious. Here are some ideas that can make the idea of ​​healthy eating easier.

1. Combine carbohydrates with protein, fat or fiber

When we eat simple carbohydrates, such as simple pasta or a piece of cake, the glucose molecules reach our bloodstream very quickly, causing a large spike in glucose. To slow the rate at which carbohydrates are digested and glucose reaches the bloodstream, you can add protein, fat, or fiber to a carbohydrate meal. For example, instead of eating plain pasta , enrich your dish with some chicken or spinach. Accordingly, if you want to eat a piece of cake, combine it with a spoonful of yogurt or some almonds.

2. Healthy eating requires bright and colorful dishes

Experts recommend that we include a variety of vegetables in our meals as well as foods such as seeds and nuts . Some urge us to eat one serving of vegetables with each meal and to rotate the categories of vegetables we eat, as each category offers different nutrients.


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3. Eat a salty breakfast

If you eat something sweet for breakfast, such as cookies, cake or packaged juice, reevaluate that choice. A “sweet” breakfast can be a pleasure, but eating sugar in the morning can cause your blood sugar to rise and fall, which can make you feel tired and hungry soon.

The good thing is that you don’t have to cut out sugar completely , just consume it at the right time during the day, like for example after lunch. And remember there are always healthier options for dessert .

4. Vegetables before the meal

Fiber feeds the good bacteria in the gut , strengthens our microbiome, lowers cholesterol and overall helps our body to function smoothly. Some experts argue that it is good to eat some vegetables before a meal because this way the vegetable fibers reach the walls of the intestine first and act as a “net” to slow down the absorption of glucose molecules that will arrive later from the starches and sugars that we will consume.


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5. Fast food and healthy eating can go together

You don’t have to completely deprive yourself of “fast” food. You can make homemade fast food using healthy cooking methods ( eg air fryer ) or more nutritious ingredients. In particular, for pizza use whole wheat flour instead of white, homemade tomato sauce instead of ready-made, and vegetables for garnish . Accordingly, make adjustments to traditional recipes if you want to make a healthier rolled souvlaki or burger , and of course try all of OW’s recipes for healthy junk food !

If you prefer to order in or dine out, read on for some ideas for healthy options .

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