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As difficult as regulating blood sugar can be, there is one dietary habit that can help. At least that’s what research indicates and many nutritionists recommend.

Often the body gives us warning signs that show the upward trend of sugar. Regulating its levels in the blood is not always easy, and in order to achieve this goal, many people resort to eating specific foods and exercising .

Some nutritionists agree that there is a certain eating habit that may be the key to regulating blood sugar. It is about adopting a healthy and balanced breakfast !

How breakfast helps regulate blood sugar

We know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day . However, there is evidence that it may also help regulate blood sugar. Dietitian and author of the book “2-Day Diabetes Diet” Erin Palinski-Wade , explains it very clearly on the website EatingWell. Eating breakfast has been shown to “lead to improved insulin resistance and better blood sugar control.”

As the expert adds, ” skipping breakfast can lead to erratic blood sugar levels later in the day, along with extreme hunger that can inhibit food choices and lead to overconsumption of simple carbohydrates, which can raise levels sugar”.

Research has reached similar conclusions. A small 2019 study showed that healthy adult men who skipped breakfast had higher post-meal sugar levels. Another study published the same year found that young healthy adults who skipped breakfast had sugar fluctuations throughout the day.


What should we prefer for breakfast?

Because many popular breakfast foods are high in carbohydrates, several experts stress that it’s important to combine carbohydrates with sources of vegetable fat , protein , and fiber .

For example, choose fiber -rich foods for breakfast , such as whole-wheat bread, low- or no- sugar -added cereals , or oats. Nuts are also a good choice and a smart way to add flavor and nutrients (healthy fats, fiber, protein) to your breakfast. You can sprinkle chopped nuts on yogurt or cereal.

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