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Yoghurt, croissants, fresh orange juice and a coffee make the perfect breakfast, right? Error. It is, as experts say, the worst thing you can eat on an empty stomach.

Yoghurt, a fresh orange juice, a croissant and a cup of coffee make up the ideal breakfast for most people. After all, these foods are also included in the buffets of good hotels. And yet, according to the experts , the above options are probably the worst thing one can consume in the morning on an empty stomach, as they can cause discomfort in various ways.

Read in detail which foods are best avoided in the morning, what problems they can cause and what are their ideal alternatives, so that you get up from breakfast feeling full, but without discomfort.

5 foods you should avoid eating on an empty stomach

1. Pastries and pastries

Foods containing yeast irritate the inner lining of the stomach and can cause bloating . In addition, puff pastries are foods with a lot of fat, which not only add a lot of calories without much nutritional value, but also have the property of causing dehydration in the body.

What to prefer instead of pastries: If you choose for breakfast a food with a main ingredient of flour or cereals, prefer it to have rye flour or wheat germ. In addition, oatmeal is an excellent choice for breakfast, as it creates a protective covering around the stomach lining and prevents the hydrochloric acid produced during digestion from causing damage to the stomach walls. In addition, it is rich in soluble fiber, which has the property of reducing blood cholesterol levels.

Finally, if you want to eat bread, choose whole wheat, without yeast.

2. Foods with sugar

Eating too much sugar in the morning, before anything else, creates a spike in insulin levels, causing the pancreas to suddenly “wake up.” This can even create a predisposition to diabetes .

In addition, when sugar is not combined with a high-protein food, once the sugar levels drop, the feeling of hunger quickly returns, forcing us to eat something else.

What to prefer instead of sugar: If you prefer sweet flavors for breakfast, prefer honey instead of sugar, which you can add to your cereals (which will be without sugar), to your tea or even to your coffee !

3. Yogurt and other fermented dairy products (in some cases)

Yogurt and fermented dairy products are beneficial for the body, however, as nutritionist Ms. Vana Krondiris says , there is a disagreement among biochemists as to whether they should be consumed on an empty stomach or not, for the following reason: The production of hydrochloric acid activated by the first foods we eat in the morning may “kill” the very beneficial lactic acid bacteria contained in fermentation products. If this is the case, their important benefits to the body are lost, compared to consuming them later in the day. On the other hand, some research claims that the type of bacteria that yogurt contains (depends, of course, on the type of yogurt) is such that it is not destroyed and survives hydrochloric acid. In addition, other scientists argue, whether one can bear to eat yogurt for breakfast also has to do with the pH of one’s stomach, so it is also largely a personal matter.

“Not all people have equally resistant stomachs,” says Ms. Krondiris. “Personally, I would suggest that yogurt be accompanied by a more stomach-friendly food when eaten for breakfast, e.g. with honey, instead of being consumed plain.”

What to prefer instead of yogurt: If plain yogurt bothers you on an empty stomach, you can prefer unfermented milk or drinks such as almond and oat milk (without added sugar).

What foods to avoid on an empty stomach



4. Acidic fruits

Acidic fruits (e.g. oranges , which are common for breakfast) are rich in acids. When consumed on an empty stomach they can cause “heartburn” and increase the risk of gastritis or even gastric ulcer.

What to prefer instead of acidic fruits: Craving a fresh fruit for breakfast? Prefer blueberries , which are not so acidic. In addition, according to a recent study , regular consumption of blueberries improves memory and regulates blood pressure and metabolism, especially when eaten for breakfast.

5. Coffee

Coffee has the property of intensifying the production of hydrochloric acid when consumed on an empty stomach. This process can cause severe acidity, gastritis and bloating in the stomach.

What to prefer instead of coffee: Non-caffeinated beverages, such as green tea, are ideal accompaniments for breakfast. See also what else you can eat, drink or do before drinking coffee .


What foods to avoid on an empty stomach



The ideal foods for breakfast

On the contrary, there are certain foods that create the ideal “substrate” for the stomach, so that it can then accept the above foods without discomfort.

Above we already mentioned oat groats, rye, wheat germ, blueberries and honey.

Excellent options, however, are also:

  • Eggs (ideally not fried), which – among their many benefits – are rich in protein and filling with minimal calories.
  • Walnuts , especially when consumed in the morning, help the digestive system and balance the pH of the stomach.
  • Honey , which “wakes up” the body in the morning, giving it energy that lasts for hours.
  • Bananas , which have significant nutritional benefits, have probiotics, give energy and satisfy the need for sweets thanks to their sweet taste


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