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The first gray hairs are one of the signs of aging that scare (and) men, but here we will discuss it innocently, giving the necessary tips to cover them.

Many men have no desire to look like George Clooney and Patrick Dempsey. When they spot even one white hair in their hair or beard, they act as if the end has come. No matter how much you insist that these two actors are among the most charming silver foxes on the planet, or that we should accept the signs of aging, their white and gray hairs cause a little panic.

I found this out recently by talking to a good friend and then asking others, who confirmed that they dye their hair and beards . And while they now talk more openly about skincare and the products they use on the face, they don’t touch this topic and deal with it in secret.

Hairstylist and colourist Josh Wood, who was described by the Times as the “king of colour” and welcomes celebrities in his Color Atelier in London who want a personalized color for their hair , observes that “there is a big demand in the men’s market for dyes”. . He adds that men now feel free to express themselves, asking the hairdresser for gray blending, the technique that camouflages gray hairs, or daring to decorate their hair or beard with platinum to pink shades . Don’t worry, we’re not going to do a total hair makeover here, but I’ll give you some tips to cover up (a few or a lot of) white and gray hairs.

Dyeing at home or at the salon?

Since it seems to be taboo, I think very few men would make an appointment at the salon to get dyed. But you guessed my advice! In order to get the best result, i.e. correct shade and uniform distribution , and in order not to mess up the bathroom, it is better to go to the hairdresser. I won’t insist, though. If you are embarrassed, don’t have time or are bored of running to the hairdresser for a few hairs, you will be able to do it just fine at home. And if you make mistakes, you will learn from them so you don’t repeat them!


How to cover gray hair in men's hair and beard



Which paint to choose?

There are many products on the market and all the information you need to know is written on each package in detail, from the shade and the result to the application time and the duration of the color. The main thing is to choose the right shade, which should be a little lighter than the natural shade of the hair, and to follow the instructions carefully. To make it easier, prefer a product that includes gloves and an applicator in the box.

The basic rules of painting

  • Do not cover all the white or gray hairs , so that it does not show that you are dyeing your hair or beard. Thus, the result will look more natural and… realistic!
  • Avoid “warm” shades of brick or orange, because they will betray you. Depending on your skin tone, prefer dyes in ash, graphite and olive green colors. I remind you that they should be lighter than your natural colors, so that the white or gray hair does not show when it grows back.
  • If the hair is short, you need to renew the dye every few weeks.




Use the same hair and beard dye?

It is not prohibited, but the hair on the face is thicker and rougher than that on the head, so prefer a special dye for the beard.

How to remove paint from leather

Carelessness happens! To prevent damage, cover areas you don’t want to stain with petroleum jelly, such as your hairline and forehead if you’re dying your hair, or your cheekbones and neck if you’re dying your beard. If you don’t plan and the paint drips, remove the stains with soap, water and baking soda , or with toothpaste, which you will apply and then remove with a toothbrush or cloth.

The OW suggests

– Perfect Anti-Grey Color Gel, Schwarzkopf Men Perfect

Gentle and easy-to-use chromogel, specially designed for men. It covers the white spots, renews the natural color of the hair and strengthens the hair. Applied with Schwarzkopf’s innovative speed applicator, it lasts up to 28 washes and is available in four natural shades of brown, light, medium, dark and black.

– Gradual Tone Pigment Kit, Wella Professionals Sp Men

A complete kit for restoring the hair to its natural (brown or black) shade, with foam, shampoo for sensitive scalp care and a brush. The foam contains vitamin C and aerobic pigments that condition the hair during tinting. It is suitable for hair with up to 70% gray.

– One-Twist Hair Color, L’Oréal Paris Men Expert

With three movements (twist the bottle, shake and apply), you cover the whites in 5 minutes. The paint does not contain ammonia, gives a natural effect for up to 6 weeks, and offers a feeling of comfort and softness. Available in 4 shades, from dark brown to dark blonde.

– Beard dye, Just for Men

It promises that in 5 minutes it will cover white and gray hairs in even the roughest beard, and that the color will stay there until the hairs grow back. The dye contains caring ingredients (biotin, aloe and coconut oil), is very easily applied with the brush that you will find in the package and is available in a convenient variety of 12 shades.

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