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Frizzing is annoying and time-consuming to tame, but we give you practical and effective tips to prevent your hair from doing… of its head.

No hair type is immune to frizz! Hair frizzes when there is a high percentage of humidity in the atmosphere, but also when it is dehydrated or damaged by heat, styling tools and technical work. Frizzing occurs when the damaged outer cortex of the hair opens up and allows moisture from the outside atmosphere to penetrate inside.

To deal with or even prevent frizz, we have some useful tips and hacks for you, starting with showering and ending with the use of targeted products. You will especially appreciate them if you have curly hair, which frizzes more easily, but not only that.

1. Bet on hydration

The first thing hair needs is hydration! Proper hydration always starts with the bathroom and with the care products you use. Shampoo and conditioner are the right tools in your hands, as long as you choose the right ones. Look for products rich in moisturizing ingredients , which ensure hydration, nourishment and resistance to frizz.


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2. Do not bathe often

Excessive washing strips away the natural oils and sebum that make hair look healthy and shiny. Especially if you have curly hair , try this: instead of using shampoo every time you wash your hair, you can just wet your hair with warm water and then put some conditioner on the ends.

3. Rinse with cold water

Bathing with warm or hot water is a pleasure. However, very high temperature weakens, dries and dehydrates the hair, making it more porous . Rinse your hair from the shampoo with lukewarm water and from the conditioner – if you have the courage – with cold water. In this way, you will lock the moisture in the hair and reduce frizz. Immediately after rinsing, pat the hair dry with a cotton towel without rubbing, then comb it upside down.

4. Leave-in conditioner should become your go-to product

The reason is simple: the leave-in conditioner offers 24-hour protection against frizz. Look for a product with the right composition and texture for your hair type: if, for example, you have very thin hair, a thick cream with a “buttery” texture will be too heavy.

Because there are so many leave-in hair care products like conditioner, oil, serum and spray, listen to TikToker Abbey Yung’s advice: don’t overdo it by putting them one after the other on your head. This build-up of leave-in products will weigh down the hair and have the opposite effect, causing frizz as well.

5. Make a mask once a week

Using a mask at this frequency strengthens the hair bonds, smoothes it and offers a beneficial hydration boost, restoring dry hair damaged by technical work and styling tools.

6. Add hair oils to your routine

They are valuable because they hydrate, nourish and provide up to 24-hour protection against moisture and frizz. With just a few drops on the lengths and ends of dry or wet hair, you will immediately feel more alive, rich and shiny.


frizzy hair



7. Review how you style

Especially if you have curly hair , it is very important to do styling while the hair is still wet . If the styling products are applied to hair that has started to dry, then they will not “wet” it sufficiently and evenly, as a result of which you will be left with unshaped and frizzy curls.

Hair stylist Melissa Guido, who is an expert in curly hair, suggests not even wiping the hair after washing, so that you apply the styling products directly as it drips.

8. The hairspray trick

It’s old and tried. Spray the brush with a little hairspray and then comb the hair with gentle movements.

9. Prefer a brush with natural bristles

Not only is it softer, but it distributes the hair’s natural oils better than a synthetic bristle brush, reducing frizz. Also, how you brush your hair matters. Combing from the bottom up detangles them better and easier, reducing hair breakage.

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