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Without making a special effort and spending time, you can “open up” your look and give it depth and intensity during make-up.

The eyes are the mirror of your soul, or at least of the psychological state you are in at a given moment. They show a lot about you: from whether you feel good and everything is going smoothly to whether you are working hard or facing some difficulties.

Long hours of work in front of the computer, poor sleep or late nights (even to catch up on movies and series that everyone around you is talking about) make your eyes look tired, sleepy, small and dull. Makeup can save you! Forgive me for the exaggeration, because it is well known that miracles do not happen. However, we’re going to show you how with simple, targeted beauty hacks you’ll be able to lighten the walls of your eyes to make them look bigger.

Use the right concealer in the right amount

A light concealer that gives shine, in a tone lighter than the natural skin tone , not only covers dark circles, but also highlights the look, making the eyes look more lively, rested and bright. Apply it with care, dabbing, and avoid an excessive amount , which will accentuate fine lines.




White pencil on the waterline

It may seem strange (or too fashionable) to suddenly start using white or beige eyeliner. However, if you apply it to the inner line of the lower eyelid, the so-called waterline, the optical illusion is instantly created that your eyes are bigger and more impressive.

Bet on shadows, but choose the color carefully

Use eye shadows at will but also strategically! Prefer the iridescent ones to capture the light, and the light ones to neutralize the shadowy and uneven tone on the eyelids.


8 simple ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup



If you want to make the iridescent shadow even more intense, apply it with a fresh brush on the mobile lid.

Alternatively, you can apply a nude shadow all over the lid and on top, only in the center, a nice touch of glitter. Move towards the outer corner of the eyes with darker shades, creating a gradient effect that opens up the look.

Mascara and its magic

We usually recommend applying two coats of mascara to your lashes for a more intense and dramatic look. If you focus on the tips of the lashes and add an extra layer to the outer corners, you will create a sexy cat-eye look, which will make the eyes look bigger.


8 simple ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup



Don’t underestimate the power of well-shaped eyebrows

In the right shape and with a raised arch, eyebrows can dramatically change your look. Use an eyebrow shadow with a brush or a special eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps and give them a natural shape. Finish with an eyebrow gel to set the effect and keep the brows in place all day.


8 simple ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup



Highlighting under the eyebrows and the inner corner of the eye

Apply minimal highlighter under the arch of the brows, as well as in the inner corner of the eyes. This clever and easy hack captures the light.

Curl your eyelashes

Before applying the mascara, grab the special eyelash scissors. Its use is very easy: with a single pressure it creates a spectacular curve on the eyelashes, which lasts all day. If you haven’t done it before, watch a tutorial on YouTube to understand exactly how to use it so you don’t injure your eyelids and eyelashes.


8 simple ways to make your eyes look bigger with makeup



Apply eye moisturizer before makeup

Hydration significantly improves the good look and feel of the skin and in the eye area, making makeup look more natural and fresh. Choose a rejuvenating eye cream with special ingredients, such as coffee beans, vitamin C, ginseng or hyaluronic acid , which instantly brighten, ensure hydration and reduce dark circles and puffiness. If the product also contains bright metallic pigments, these will immediately brighten the area under the eyes and open up the look.

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