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Illustration: Eleni Kastrinoyannis

Can you imagine what are the major advantages of the single life? Researchers asked Greek singles and here’s what they learned.

The single life has many more advantages than mainstream culture, sitcoms and romantic comedies allow us to see. Scientists have identified and highlighted the health and psychological benefits of being single. Although pop culture insists that romantic love and marriage is the happily ever after outcome of life, according to the Pew Research Center survey half of the 30% of Americans who said they were single wanted to stay .

Anyone who has experienced the downsides of a dysfunctional relationship can certainly appreciate the advantages of being single. Whether by choice or circumstance, solitude has benefits that for a portion of the population are extremely attractive . Two surveys carried out in Greece in 2022 and 2023 on people who at some point in their adult lives were single, recorded the most important advantages as they emerged from their sample.

The 7 advantages of singles

1. They have more time available but also the ability to manage it in any way they want

According to the survey participants’ responses, being in a relationship requires a large investment of time, while being single allows you to use your time as you wish and pursue your goals and interests with greater freedom and flexibility.

2. Singles have better focus

Those who are not in a stable relationship have the ability to focus on their personal growth and important goals, professional or otherwise, without much distraction.

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Research reveals the advantages of being single

Illustration: Eleni Kastrinoyannis


3. They are in complete control of their lives

Relationships often require compromise and adaptation to the partner’s needs. When you’re single, you don’t have to account to anyone for what you do. Whether you want to work until late at night, or watch all the episodes of your favorite series, you can do it without apologizing . In addition, you don’t have to do things you don’t want to for the sake of your partner, such as putting up with a family dinner or a reunion with classmates. Being in charge of your life and not having anyone tell you what to do is one of the major advantages of single life.

4. Singles can connect socially or romantically with whoever they want, whenever they want and for as long as they want

Being able to flirt and have the opportunity to change partners is for many an extremely important advantage. Monogamy isn’t for everyone , and the flexibility of being able to choose who you see socially is also a major plus.

5. They can make better use of their time and energy

The time and energy we have are not inexhaustible. Singles choose how to allocate these precious resources with greater freedom. Singles have fewer responsibilities, since they don’t have to take care of another person, nor spend time on their partner’s problems.

6. They can enjoy stability and tranquility

It’s not just breakups that are hard. Finding and nurturing a relationship can be an emotional roller coaster that can cause anger, stress, and a host of unpleasant feelings. Singles don’t have someone holding their face or criticizing them, so they avoid conflicts and fights, and enjoy a more stable and calm everyday life.

7. Singles can choose their eating habits

According to the survey, many of the participants attach great importance to being able to make decisions about their diet without compromise. Singles can organize their diet or guilty pleasures as much as they want.

Freedom, self-determination and low stress levels are some of the advantages singles enjoy. And, while the research wasn’t meant to say whether singles are happier or more satisfied with their lives, certainly listing the benefits of single life reminds singles to appreciate the positives in their lives with gratitude.

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