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Bags under the eyes are harmless, but annoying when you see them in the mirror and… carry them. You can “delete” them by changing some of your basic habits.

The skin problems that concern us do not all have the same degree of seriousness. Some ring a bell even to book an appointment with a dermatologist, while others just cause us discomfort for aesthetic reasons. The bags under the eyes belong to the second category . They are completely harmless, but our annoyance when we see them is inversely proportional to their severity.

The swelling or swelling that is very glibly called the “bag” is of great concern to men. I’m not wronging them! Who would be happy to see in the mirror the under-eye area looking puffy and droopy? Fortunately, you can get rid of the bags, even though some of the reasons for their appearance are beyond your control.

What causes bags under the eyes?

As you age, the body’s production of collagen and elastin decreases. The lack of these two proteins, which are crucial for the elasticity of the skin, gives the finishing touch to the area under the eyes, where the skin is already thinner and more delicate than other areas.

Also, the structure of the face you have inherited from your parents can make this area vulnerable to the appearance of the problem: if your parents had bags, then you are likely to develop them too.

Finally, allergies , which cause inflammation, fluid retention and dilation of blood vessels, are responsible for the bags.

Apart from aging, genetic predisposition and allergies, which are beyond your control, several other reasons why bags under the eyes appear have to do with your habits. Fluid retention from salty foods, drinks and lack of sleep due to playing Playstation and EuroLeague Fantasy Challenge, as well as skin dehydration due to low water consumption , insufficient skincare and smoking , are sure to show up at some point. from the eyes.


bags under the eyes



How to get rid of bags

– With the traditional compress

Anything cold that you put under the eyes for a few minutes, such as an ice pack, cucumber peels, tea bags or spoons that you have put in the refrigerator, will make the swelling go away. If your friend has a jade roller, the facial massage tool, put it in the fridge, clean the face and then roll it on the area – it’s all you need for lymphatic decongestion.

– With 7-8 hours of quality sleep

Isolate the room from light and noises, close mobile phones, tablets and notifications, and enjoy a satisfying sleep that will rest you and help you wake up without bags.


bags under the eyes



– With a good diet

Still cutting out salty foods and many drinks, and consuming daily 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants? Don’t wait for bags under the eyes to do it!

– With plenty of water

Do you know how much water you should drink every day? The recommended amount for men is around 3.5 litres.

– With a proper skincare routine

Bags under the eyes can be the reason to finally start taking care of your face. Three steps in the morning and at night (cleansing, serum, moisturizer) plus sunscreen in the morning are enough to meet the needs of your face and prevent problems such as bags.

To deal with this specific problem in a targeted way, prefer products with vitamin C , retinoids and glycolic acid for shine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and snail mucus extract for hydration, and – of course – caffeine.

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