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Holiday outings are sometimes accompanied by something you would really like to have avoided: a hangover. Read what makes sense to eat and drink to feel better quickly.

Holidays with lots of going out, lots of food and usually lots of drinking. But what do we do when we wake up the next day and are faced with a hangover? When the head starts to break, the stomach suffers, the mouth is dry and you feel a total dehydration?

Usually many turn to a painkiller, but it does not mean that it is the most effective solution. Let’s look at some natural ways and steps that we can easily follow to recover quickly!

7 tips to recover faster after a hangover



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#1 Drink fluids

Alcohol dehydrates us and hydration is everything. But it is good not to drink a liter  because it will be heavy and probably upset our stomach. So we take relatively small sips. Foods or drinks that are rich in electrolytes work wonders (did you know coconut water is rich in electrolytes?).

#2 Take a shower

After you’ve taken a few sips and hydrated yourself, step into the shower. Wet your head too, the water will already make you feel much better.

#3 Eat carbs

Drinking alcohol also lowers blood glucose levels, so the pressure generally drops (especially if we drank without eating enough). A slice of bread spread with something sweet, ideally honey, is the best at this stage.

#4 Try something sweet, but healthy

For the same reason we mention above and because the natural sugars, which we find e.g. in fruit or honey, help to metabolize alcohol. A juice (ideally not too acidic) or a spoonful of honey will help us a lot.

#5 The role of caffeine

The caffeine we can get from coffee, tea or a caffeinated energy drink will help with the headache and boost our mood. An important condition is to have first followed some of the above tips in order to be hydrated and to have “laid” our stomach, because caffeine does not help at all, on the contrary, it burdens them.


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#6 Take ginger

You know how healthy ginger is , but did you know that it cures nausea and calms the stomach? The anti-inflammatory effect of ginger helps fight hangover symptoms, cleanses our body of alcohol and detoxifies the body. Make ginger tea, chew it or put it in your juice!

#7 Eat bananas

Rich in magnesium and natural sugars, bananas are a perfect food to get you back on track!

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