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Diets were hated by many, weight loss by none. Find out what are the 6 elements that will help you not only lose weight effectively, but also adopt healthier eating habits forever.

We used to insist on the term “diet”, now we choose more the term “nutrition”. The reason is that short-term and very strict dietary restrictions have been shown to work against us, causing us to quickly regain the lost pounds when we reach our goal.

Losing weight and especially maintaining it is a very difficult task. Experts have often talked about the most common mistakes we make. Sometimes we choose the “all or nothing” mentality , sometimes we significantly limit the amount of food, as a result of which we neglect entire meals , and sometimes we are seduced by friends and relatives who, usually without bad intentions, sabotage our efforts .

Diets: What Helps and What Sabotages Them

Of course, there are classic as well as more modern ways that have been proven to lead to weight loss. For example, intermittent fasting , which is more of a circadian rhythm eating model aimed at managing various health problems than a diet, has been found to be effective in weight loss as well .


6 diet tips

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Often, piecemeal solutions that are definitely not a panacea  can unlock your body and lead to significant weight loss. While other times, habits we don’t pay much attention to, such as sleep or the way we think , can block a diet.

In any case, the diet you follow must be personalized and designed by a specialist who will have taken into account all your habits, preferences and peculiarities. Below, clinical dietitian-nutritionist Emmanuela Magripli mentions 6 key points for a successful diet, which is not only aimed at losing weight, but also at adopting healthy eating habits.

1. Prefer legumes

Choose legumes as a protein source instead of meat. In this way you will minimize saturated fat and increase your burning .

2. Say “no” to sugar (and don’t deviate)

Completely avoid sugar (and various sweeteners) everywhere and not just in coffee. You have to remember that sugar is hidden in many foods and it is good to minimize it.


6 diet tips

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3. Two fruits are essential

Don’t forget to eat 2 servings of fruit a day . They contain B vitamins that help with cellular functions.

4. Don’t forget the salad

Accompany every meal with a green salad (raw or boiled). It fills you up and facilitates the proper digestion of food, so that there is zero fat storage .

5. Choose only healthy snacks (and see which ones)

Opt for a healthy snack at work, such as yogurtnuts , a light toast with wholemeal bread, and avoid white flour pastries and bagels. They are highly processed foods and favor the accumulation of fat.

6. Cut out soft drinks and juices

When you are thirsty drink water or some herbal drink . Avoid soft drinks, many coffees and juices, even natural ones, because they contain sugars and will not provide you with the necessary fiber.

If, despite all this, you are thinking of following a diet that you heard about somewhere, it is a good idea to check its credibility and then make up your mind. There are some very characteristic signs that indicate that a diet is not good .

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