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If you are looking for ways to cook eggs, we have 14 ideas for you to choose the one you like!

Those of us who do not have time to cook in our daily lives, see eggs as an opportunity for healthy, filling and fast food . Eggs are among the foods that make us feel good , but also those that our body needs after physical exercise .

If you are wondering how to cook them, below we give 14 ideas to start with whichever one you like.

The all time classic options

1. Open your eyes

This is a classic choice enjoyed by children and adults alike. With some bread and some cheese, they become the best meal for the days when we want to make something quickly.

2. Omelet

An even more filling option is the omelette, to which one can add whatever ingredients one wishes. You can just add potatoes and it will turn out delicious or, if you like to experiment, try adding asparagus or fresh zucchini and Naxos graviera .





3. Boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs can become very runny, runny, or runny. It is enough to know the secrets of their boiling time . You do them as you prefer and enjoy them at all hours of the day.

4. In a sandwich

If you’re looking for a snack solution that you can bring to the office, then the Egg Salad and Spinach Sandwich certainly won’t disappoint.

5. Potatoes with egg

Potatoes with eggs is one of the favorite foods of our childhood and requires minimal effort and time.

6. Strapatsada

Strapatsada is considered the ultimate summer food , but what prevents us from making it in the winter as well? It is enough to have some ripe tomatoes, a few cloves of garlic, feta cheese and capers.





For the best egg brunch

7. Croque madame

If you’re a fan of brunch, you definitely know the croque madame . Its difference from the croque monsieur is that the former has a fried or poached egg on top.

8. Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are made in the pan with milk or cream and need gentle stirring to remain juicy and creamy.

9. With potatoes and corn in the pan

If you combine them with potatoes and corn in the pan, you will have a very tasty and filling brunch, ideal even for a hangover .





10. Avocado toast with egg and bacon

Instagrammable avocado toast is the perfect dish if you decide to organize a homemade brunch with friends.

11. Turkish eggs

If you’ve never heard of this recipe , suffice it to say that they’re easy to make with yogurt, garlic, butter, and are perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Other ideas

12. Crepes

Egg crepes can be made for breakfast, brunch, snack or even lunch! A little Cretan graviera, cherry tomatoes and oregano will take them off their feet!





13. With wheat and corn

Sprouts are not only made into a boiled salad. Try bringing out their flavor by cooking them with eggs , corn and some grated feta in the pan.

14. Egg Shakshouka

Finally, Shakshouka eggs are poached in tomato sauce and enriched with oriental spices.

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