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Pumpkin is one of the autumn vegetables that we have been adding more and more often to our diet in
recent years. You can include it in your diet in various forms, such as soup,
puree, some pie, even cakeHere you will find wonderful recipes to inspire you.

But what do we know about its nutritional value ? It is an extremely nutritious food that can benefit your body in many ways. Let’s see in more detail the reasons why it is worth adding pumpkin to your diet.

6 reasons to include pumpkin in your diet

Contributes to good vision

Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A, which plays an important role in the health of our eyes. It has been shown in studies that its adequate intake reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration .

It helps the immune system

It is a good source of vitamin C, which helps the body’s defense against viruses and reduces the duration of cold symptoms.

Pumpkin is considered to have an anti-cancer effect

It has a strong antioxidant effect due to its high content of carotenoids. It reduces inflammation and is thought to help prevent certain types of cancer . It is good to include in our daily life foods with antioxidant substances, such as carotenoids, vitamin C, selenium and polyphenols. These substances are mainly found in fruits and vegetables.

6 reasons that will convince you to put the pumpkin on your table

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

It contains potassium, which acts antagonistically with sodium and thus lowers blood pressure. Also, because of the vegetable fiber it helps to reduce bad cholesterol. All this combined with the antioxidants it contains contribute to improving cardiovascular health.

Detention reduction

The potassium it has helps our body expel the fluids it has retained. Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal system: Due to its high content of vegetable fiber and water, it reduces the symptoms of constipation and contributes to the proper functioning of the intestine.

Pumpkin creates a feeling of satiety

The fiber and water it contains help you stay full for a long time after eating it. This helps to limit the total intake of calories and, by extension, to better control your body weight.

Pumpkin has a very high nutritional value, while at the same time it has an extremely low calorie content.
100 grams contain only 26 calories ! Therefore, you can add it to your meals
to make them more satisfying and nutritious.

Of course, food alone is not enough to improve our health. However,
it is good in our daily life to consume foods that give our body the
necessary antioxidants and the necessary fiber and vitamins.


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