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Even if you are familiar with your care, you can put your skin in trouble if you skip some basic rules of care and protection.

You guys are putting a lot of effort into taking care of your face, I admit it! Some of you look for it more, like friends who blow my mind with their updated and comprehensive skincare routine, some less (yes, I’m referring to you who I decided to write this article for). However, you no longer treat skincare as a taboo and a woman’s whim.

In various researches, I read that the men’s skincare market will continue to grow at high annual rates in the coming years, and that makes me happy. Not because the companies will make money, but because I see that the efforts of beauty editors everywhere are taking place to convince you that skincare is not vanity, but an investment for good health and appearance, well-being and self-confidence.

6 habits (or lack thereof) that are harmful to your skin

Even if you think you’re doing everything right, you may or may not have some habits that damage your skin every day, with consequences that you sometimes understand and sometimes you don’t. Here we will try to correct these habits or integrate them into your daily life, so that the time and money you spend will pay off.




1. You’re not using the right cleaning product

Neither soap nor (usually very cheap) products with harsh cleaning agents are appropriate ways to remove excess oil, dirt, bacteria and dead cells from your face morning and night. Unless you want to risk red, irritated and dry skin!

A very economical and quality solution for all skin types is the Refreshing Face Wash Gel by Nivea Men , with aloe vera and provitamin B5, which deeply cleanses and rejuvenates. But if you feel that your skin has specific needs due to its type, look for more specialized and targeted products.

2. You neglect hydration

All skin needs daily hydration, morning and night – even if you have oily skin . Hydration is essential because it locks in moisture (which finds a way to evaporate), restores the skin barrier , and generally keeps you looking great all day. Very basic is that good hydration can prevent the signs of aging or soften their appearance .

It also applies here, as in cleaning, that depending on your skin type, you have many specialized options for your treatment. A classic value for all types is Korres Maple Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Face + Eye Cream with 95.9% natural ingredients, which performs exceptionally well in post-use skin condition self-assessment tests.

f you want to give your sensitive skin the best it can, try Vichy Homme’s Hydra Mag C+, which tackles everything on your face and eyes, from signs of fatigue, bags and dark circles, to dehydration and dullness view.

Pure Carbon from L’Oréal’s Men Expert range is specially designed for the needs of oily and combination skin , with action against imperfections and blocked pores.

3. You don’t wear sunscreen before going outside

No, I’m not going to lose my cool that you neglect something so critical to your skin’s good health, I’m just going to reiterate that sun protection is non-negotiable, both outdoors and indoors . The damage from solar radiation accumulates causing strong signs of aging and not only that, which you will prevent by applying sunscreen every day, summer and winter.

Bioderma’s Photoderm Cream with a protection index of 50+ is thin-flowing, resistant to water, high temperatures and sweat, and guarantees very high protection against the sun’s UV rays as well as 8-hour hydration.

4. You skip shaving

The one and only mistake is rushing to shave, because it can damage your face both in the short term (redness, irritation) and in the long term (permanent pimples, scars). From there, depending on your time, the more you do for preparation and after-shave care, the better.

You can, for example, start by exfoliating with Frezyderm’s Facial Scrub , which removes dead cells without injuring, deep cleans and creates a skin protection film to reduce irritation from friction.

To make shaving easy and painless, try the Mild Anti-Irritation Shaving Cream from the Men’s Care range of Apivita , with excellent organic ingredients of 99% natural origin.

Complete the treatment with Avène Men’s After-Shave Balm , which contains restorative ingredients and the brand’s thermal water with soothing and softening properties.

5. You touch the face with your hands

If you knew how much bacteria resides on your fingers, palms and fingernails due to contact with dirty surfaces, you wouldn’t need me to remind you. In order not to transfer them to the face, do not touch the face with your hands and, moreover, wash them well before applying cosmetic products.

6. You wash with hot water

Your skin has a protective barrier, the epidermis, which defends itself against external aggressive factors. The hot water weakens it, while removing its natural oils. So, lower the temperature a few degrees to lukewarm and you will avoid dryness, peeling, itching and hypersensitivity.

You can even use a quality cleansing product, such as the Lierac Homme Shower Gel, which is beneficial in every way: it is multi-purpose (for body, face and hair), it contains an excellent black tulip extract that stimulates the natural synthesis of elastin, it does not irritate the skin and has a wonderful aroma.

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