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Yoga strengthens the body and contributes to the “building” of muscle mass. However, this is not the only way in which this type of exercise helps us manage our weight effectively.

Yoga does a lot of good for our body : it helps areas like the waist or neck and muscle groups like the deep abs . But primarily, yoga calms the mind .

Research has shown that even incorporating a few minutes of yoga into your workout is enough to reap benefits. In fact, recent studies have shown that yoga can have a positive impact even on cancer patients , reducing the levels of pro-inflammatory markers and helping them to cope with fatigue and improve their quality of life.

Among other things, yoga has been the subject of research for its effects on weight loss . A review of studies evaluated just these effects and found that yoga is associated with weight loss and maintenance for several reasons, some of which are increased mindfulness , improved mood , reduced stress , and energy expended during her practice.

3 ways yoga helps us manage our body weight

1. Yoga helps with “mindful eating”

Have you ever heard the phrase “mindful eating”? Or are you more familiar with the English term “mindful eating”? As the dietitian-nutritionist Fotini Kokkinou has explained to OW , “”eating with awareness” we train our brain from the beginning to eat normally and to consciously choose what, why, when, where and how we will eat, without no’s, don’ts and must ». And yoga can be very helpful in this.

In particular, through yoga we are able to manage our desire to eat as practicing mindfulness during the sessions can also help to practice mindful eating habits . When we eat mindfully we are able to recognize the signs of hunger and limit emotional eating . Over time, we can figure out which foods energize us and which ones make us feel uncomfortable or bloated, and prefer or avoid them, respectively.



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2. Contributes to better stress management

Chronic stress can make weight loss difficult because it causes increased cortisol , anxious eating , and sleep problems , among other things . Yoga can compensate for this condition as it helps boost energy and well-being , improve mood and reduce stress levels.

In addition, deep breathing techniques , a key element of yoga, help manage stress and reverse some of its negative effects, which can make weight loss difficult or contribute to weight gain.

3. Yoga increases muscle mass

Of course, yoga works out and helps us gain muscle mass . Essentially, when we do yoga we “work” all the parts of our body in order to keep ourselves in balance. We may not be lifting weights, but all the “work” is done with our own body weight, which serves as a form of resistance. And obviously throughout the workout, we burn calories .

In fact, a study review that looked at 30 trials with more than 2,000 participants concluded that yoga can reduce waist-to-hip ratio in healthy adults, as well as body mass index in people who are overweight or obese.

Tips for beginners

If you want to start yoga but don’t have much experience, here are some useful tips :

  • Start slow and with a gentle yoga program that will allow you to gain flexibility and strength slowly and safely.
  • Choose a type of yoga that suits your needs.
  • Adapt the exercises you are unable to perform to your level.
  • Combine a yoga program with some other form of aerobic exercise , such as walking or cycling, for best results.
  • Keep trying and remember that you’re not going to see a difference in just one go.
  • Seek advice from a professional yoga teacher , especially if you are dealing with health issues such as pain or injuries.


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