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Quick weight loss is still the thing for many people these days. But is it safe? And how feasible is it to maintain over time?

As much as we like to think we live in the age of body positivity and image acceptance, a look at the social media of major influencers, advertisements, website themes shows that the thin body is still the standard of beauty ( and sometimes health).

Quick solutions for weight loss, secrets that will help you get rid of extra pounds immediately, still pique the interest of many people. But, according to a publication by the University of Michigan Medical Center , about 90% of people who lose weight quickly end up gaining it back .

If you want or need to lose weight, it is important for your health to do it the right way, slowly and steadily . Otherwise, read what can happen to your body when you treat weight loss as a sprint.

You lose muscle tissue

The two main strategies that many choose to lose weight are limiting their calorie intake and increasing their physical activity levels . Thus, a caloric deficit is created which leads to weight loss. But along with fat, muscle mass is lost, which not only affects your ability to lift heavy objects and your balance. This loss can affect other muscles besides the arms, such as the heart and respiratory muscles. It also causes weakness and makes you more prone to injury.


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You may gain weight again

The loss of muscle mass also negatively affects the resting metabolic rate , i.e. the minimum amount of calories expended for your body to maintain its vital functions.

In addition, our body’s natural reaction to sudden calorie restriction is to activate the survival mechanism . Simply put, your metabolism slows down so the body will store every calorie you consume, which causes weight gain when you stop the diet.


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Loss of nutrients

Crash diets can also deprive your body of valuable nutrients. In fact, a study in the scientific journal Nutrients, which analyzed the nutritional profile of three commercial weight loss programs, found deficiencies in vitamin D , vitamin B12 and calcium. Deficiencies that can result in hair loss, anemia, fatigue, weak bones .

Do you feel tired?

Unfortunately, there are not a few who, wanting to see immediate results on their scale, limit the calories they receive through their diet. But, our body needs energy to function efficiently. If you do not provide it with this energy, then it is expected that you will feel tired and lethargic and notice a drop in your athletic performance .


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Rapid weight loss harms mental health

Obsessing over the scale and stressing about a certain body type can be detrimental to your mental health and potentially create a problematic relationship with food and body image . If you regain the weight you lost, you may experience feelings of failure, shame, guilt or low self-esteem .

Therefore, before starting your weight loss journey, make sure to consult an expert who will guide you safely on this journey.


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