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f your job requires you to sit at a desk most of the day, this stretching exercise will give you tremendous relief.

If your job requires you to sit at a desk most of the day, chances are that you very often feel intense discomfort and pain in your waist , back and buttocks. You then need to incorporate into your fitness program certain exercises, specifically stretches, that offer maximum relief.

The main one, according to certified personal trainer Stephanie Mansour , is the “Pigeon” position , which gives you the ability to effectively stretch the hip muscles.

The reason for an exercise that is found in yoga, but is also incorporated in other methods of exercise with a mat. After all, it is a position that enables the body to relax and relieve tension and stress. Thus, not only your elasticity will increase, but it will help you reduce stress.

The benefits of this exercise

When performed correctly, Pigeon pose improves posture, mood, stress, balance and flexibility. It targets muscles we often neglect: the hip flexors and gluteal muscles. This exercise opens up the hips, reducing the risk of pain or injury – tight hips, you know, can be responsible for lower back pain. Therefore, the better flexibility you will have by systematically doing this exercise will help you in all your daily activities.


The only exercise you need if you sit at a desk all day



– What to watch out for

According to Mansour, “Many people are not sure where to place their back foot during this stretch. So instead of keeping it straight behind them, they sort of twist it into an awkward position. Keep it straight to make the position more comfortable and the stretch deeper.”

Also, she says, the rear should stay straight in one position, without leaning to one side. To achieve this:

  • Keep the back leg straight with the top of the foot resting on the mat.
  • Keep the hips squared, without putting weight on any part of the body.
  • If necessary, take a brick or fold a towel and place it under the buttock of the folded leg, so that your hips are aligned.

How to do the exercise correctly

To perform the exercise correctly, lay out your mat and follow the steps below:

  1. Start in downward dog pose ( see downward dog pose here ). Bring the right foot forward towards your right hand and touch it to the mat, while your right ankle comes closer to the left hand (as close as feels comfortable) and rests on the mat. Ideally, your right shin should be parallel to the front of the mattress.
  2. Lower your hips toward the floor so they rest on your right leg. Straighten the left leg behind you.
  3. Keep your hips square and balance your weight by pressing your hands down into the mat.
  4. If this attitude is enough for you, stay and breathe. For a deeper stretch, bend at the hips, bringing your upper body low toward the mat to meet your bent, left leg. Flex your right leg. Stay in this pose for 60 seconds. Breathe slowly.

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