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Vitamin B12 is particularly important for the normal functioning of our nervous system, but our body does not produce it. What foods offer it to us?

Vitamin B12 is so important to our health that there is a special test to check its levels and detect any deficiency. It is involved in the metabolism of every cell in our body and is particularly important for the normal functioning of our nervous system. Its deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms, which usually develop gradually, but can worsen if the problem is not treated.

So, if you have slightly low levels of vitamin B12, then some of the symptoms you may experience are: headache , feeling weak , memory problems , shortness of breath , pale skin .

Our body cannot produce this vitamin, so we get it from the food we eat . Animal products are its main source, while it is rare in plant-based products. What are some foods rich in vitamin B12 (excluding fortified foods) that you can put on your shopping list?

1. The liver and kidneys

Okay, in the first place we knew who was going to be found. Liver and kidneys, especially from organic lamb , are rich in vitamin B12. In addition, lamb’s liver is high in copper, selenium and vitamins A and B2 (riboflavin).



2. The mussels

Every summer (and not only) we enjoy them steamed, in pasta and in saganaki. Mussels are a source of lean protein and contain high concentrations of vitamin B12. Also, they are rich in iron and antioxidants . In fact, a publication in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  states that their broth is also rich in this particular vitamin.




3. Sardines

Although a humble fish, it is rich in nutrients . First, it’s an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular health, among other things. They contain selenium and iron, while if you eat them with the bone you also gain calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.




4. The beef

A grilled steak (about 190 grams) provides 467% of the daily allowance of vitamin B12, according to the US Department of Agriculture. It also contains amounts of vitamins B2, B3 and B6, as well as selenium and zinc.

5. The tone

It is an excellent source of lean protein and contains high concentrations of vitamin B12, especially in the meat just under the skin . It also offers you phosphorus, selenium, vitamins A and B3. Even canned tuna gives you a sufficient amount of vitamin B12.


6. The trout

It is an excellent source of protein, good fats and B vitamins. It is also an excellent source of minerals such as manganese, phosphorus and selenium.

7. The salmon

It is perhaps the most well-known food in terms of its concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. But it is also an excellent source of vitamins of the B complex, while half a salmon fillet (178 g.) gives you about 40 g. high quality protein .



8. Milk and milk products

Milk and other dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese, are excellent sources of protein and several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12.


9. The eggs

They are an excellent source of protein, which contains all the amino acids necessary for the body, as well as vitamins of the B complex, especially B2 and B12. Egg yolks have higher levels of vitamin B12 than whites , while the vitamin from the yolk is more easily absorbed, so it is preferable to consume the whole egg.


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