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Is there a certain amount of vegetables we should be consuming to reap the maximum benefits? Two experts answer.

The inclusion of vegetables in our diet has many benefits. From the obvious – strengthening the process of digestion and bowel function – to those we may not imagine, such as improved mood, increased energy or reduced inflammation.

Researchers from Harvard University have found that the ideal consumption of vegetables is three servings a day , combined with two servings of fruit. Certified dietitian Vanessa Rissetto and functional medicine expert Will Cole give their own advice and answer the question “how many vegetables a day do we need every day?”

How many vegetables should we eat every day?

In general, the two experts advise people to aim to eat more vegetables than the United States Department of Agriculture recommends, which recommends three servings per day . In particular, Cole advises most of his clients to consume six cups a day , while Rissetto aims to consume one serving with each meal and snack when possible. She defines a serving as a cup of chopped vegetables such as carrots or peppers.





Also, for the adoption of a complete diet, it is particularly important to consume a variety of vegetables , since the different categories offer different benefits. Experts say we can achieve this by rotating the vegetables we include in our meals every week (or more often if we can).

“Higher fiber vegetables will give you more bacterial diversity ,” Cole explains. The specialist has a particular weakness for foods with a high sulfur content, such as Brussels sprouts , onions, garlic and asparagus. “Sulfur compounds help support methylation and glutathione production .” Methylation is a process of great importance that takes place in cells and can protect us from chronic diseases , while glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that protects against cell damage.

How can we consume more vegetables?

Some ideas to increase the amount of vegetables we consume daily are the following:

– Add vegetables to as many meals as you can

For example, include peppers or zucchini in an omelet , spinach and cucumber in a smoothie , or accompany your lunch with a colorful salad .

– Experiment with different cooking methods

Learn how to cook them or what to accompany them for more benefits.

– Replace snacks with vegetables

Instead of processed snacks, prefer raw vegetables that you can accompany with yogurt dip or hummus .





– Make additions to recipes

Incorporate chopped into sauces, soups , casseroles or pasta dishes.

– Make the process more enjoyable

Increase motivation to improve your diet by buying fresh, seasonal vegetables from local growers or small, neighborhood greengrocers with local produce.

– Include variety in meals

Finally, don’t forget the importance of variety on our plate. Rotating and incorporating colorful vegetables into our diet is extremely important for a balanced diet.

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