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Following a certain diet plan is not the only way to lose weight. With some strategic moves you can achieve weight loss without going on a strict diet.

Many times we want to lose weight, but it seems difficult to get into a diet plan . The truth is that a change in our eating habits can bring about the desired change in our weight, without having to go on an exhaustive diet .

So what ways can we see the scales fall off without going on a strict diet?

Recorded food diary

First, we need to identify which are the eating habits that increase our weight or do not let us lose the pounds we desire. For this reason it is very helpful to keep a diary where we write down in detail what we have eaten during the day and the times we consumed our food . In addition to the main meals, we should also record the snacks or small nibbles we have had during the day. Also, it is good to record the coffees, alcohol, juices, soft drinks or other drinks that we have consumed.


food diary



In this way we can realize exactly what we have eaten in a day and identify for ourselves the mistakes we may make in our diet without realizing it. For example, we may not consume a large amount of food, but during the day we may have a cookie with our coffee, some nuts with our drink, several juices, alcohol or sugary coffees. In this way, calories may be added that do not provide satiety during the day and thus we may not understand why we are not losing weight.

Set small goals

Many times we start a diet that is completely different from what we were eating before. This results in us resisting change and eventually giving up. After you have made the record, you can understand what needs to change in your diet. Choose to start just one new habit .


How to lose weight without going on a strict diet

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For example, if you don’t eat any fruit , aim to eat at least 1 fruit a day for two weeks . When you see that you have achieved this goal, you can focus on something else, e.g. to including salads or drinking more water . In this way, you slowly build new eating habits that will lead you to weight loss.

Add protein to your meals

Proteins provide more satiety than carbohydrates, so we are less hungry and can better control the amount of food we consume . In the main meals ( breakfast , lunch and dinner) add foods rich in proteins, such as chicken, fish , eggs , cottage cheese or yogurt.

For example, at breakfast you can replace the classic bread with honey with 2 toasts with yogurt and honey . Accordingly, instead of a large portion of spaghetti with red sauce, you can consume a smaller portion of pasta to accompany it with chicken.

Replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones

It is good that all the products you consume are whole grain . White breads or spaghetti raise blood sugar sharply. This causes insulin to be suddenly secreted to bring blood sugar down to normal levels and ultimately make us hungry faster.

On the contrary, with whole grain products, a slower secretion of insulin is achieved and ultimately we stay full for longer . Therefore, you can replace the classic breakfast toast with a bowl containing oats, milk and some fruit, which will give you energy for longer.




Take care of your hydration

Proper hydration increases the feeling of satiety and helps to reduce the intake of calories . It also contributes to the good functioning of the kidneys and allows them to eliminate toxins and waste products of metabolism. In this way retention in our body can be reduced. It also helps to regulate basic metabolism and stimulates lipolysis .

But how much water do we need daily? On average we need to consume 30ml of water/kg of body weight . For example, a 65 kg woman needs 1.95 liters, that is about 2 liters of water per day to cover her needs.

Cut back on salt and increase your consumption of potassium-rich foods

Salt can increase retention in our body. For this reason it is good to limit its use in cooking. Also, it is good to consume processed foods, cold meats, ready-made sauces, herb cubes and pastries in moderation, as they have a high concentration of salt .

On the contrary, potassium acts in competition with sodium and helps our body to expel the fluids it has retained. Foods rich in potassium are fruits, vegetables, potatoes, avocados, lentils and beans.

Niki  Papaspyrou  MSc is a dietitian-nutritionist.

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