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Masks, antiseptics, quarantines, words that have powerfully entered our lives in the last three years and somehow pushed away viruses, colds and flu. We focused on Covid and put other diseases to sleep. This year, however, a few days before the official start of winter, we find that… they woke up! So what better than preparing our body to defend itself? Looking for herbs to strengthen our immunity, The issue of strengthening the immune system is very delicate and multifaceted, as it is necessary in addition to herbs to consume the right foods” he told us, noting that there are some plant elements that modern science does not know whether to classify them as herbs or foods.


Anyway, these are the top 7 herbs for boosting the body’s defenses and the protection they provide is undeniable.


1. Thyme


Our favorite herb has incredible properties and works wonderfully to prevent colds. “You can include it in your diet either as a drink or as an aromatic plant with top action” . In addition to many vitamins, it contains thymol, a substance responsible for its pleasant smell as well as its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

7 herbs to boost immunity
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2. Oregano


Related to thyme, oregano also contains thymol and carvacrol, which have strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. “The reason many confuse oregano with thyme is these two substances” and explains: “Depending on the microclimate of each region, one of the two substances rises more than the other.” What he recommends is to consume oregano in food, for example by adding a generous amount to lettuce or cabbage salad – one of the most medicinal plants of the season that you can consume. The reason is that oregano tea will seem bitter and astringent, so its uncontrolled use can cause you constipation.


3. Sage


“Of the many sages that exist, salvia triloba, also known as Greek sage, combines aroma, taste and excellent action in strengthening the immune system”  “I’d recommend it along with thyme for stuffiness and flu, and it’s also great for inhalations.” How will you do them? You will put 1 liter of water and a handful of the herbs in a pot. After the water boils and you remove it from the heat, go on top and inhale for 5-10 minutes. For a better result, put a towel over the head to trap the water vapor.


4. Herbs for boosting the immune system include garlic


It is the king of antiviral herbs with a strong protective and strengthening effect. You can consume it raw or in food. The ideal is to eat two or three times a week herbal soup with ingredients such as garlic, cabbage, leek, moonshine and parsley, which works as a mucolytic medicine for your body. Don’t forget that many foods you consume every day – such as bread and dairy – create mucus, so herbal soups come to cure it. Of course, there are also recipes in which garlic is used to prepare a drink together with, for example, cinnamon, cloves and other ingredients, but its preparation requires a little more expertise.

7 herbs to boost immunity
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5. Mountain tea


Classic and beloved, this tea is excellently warming, while it has an anti-inflammatory and protective effect. It combines wonderfully with thyme and sage, creating a very delicious tea that invigorates and shields the body. If you also add lemon, you enhance its antioxidant properties even more.


6. Nettle


Surely you have heard about its famous antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. What you might miss is that it also has a high content of vitamin C, so its consumption is recommended to strengthen the body’s defenses. “For a more powerful action, combine it with equisetum and taraxacums. It’s a trio of herbs that work well together and provide the body with potassium and silicon” 

7. Wild rose


Wild rose berries have been proven to offer immediate relief and protection to people with the flu. The advice  is to drink 2 cups a day of this delicious tea to strengthen your immunity. If you are in recovery, you will speed it up thanks to its high content of vitamin C, carotenoids and other trace elements. The only thing you have to pay attention to is to extract it correctly. It is important to do it at a lower temperature (so let the water become lukewarm) and leave the herb in for at least an hour. If you add prunus spinosa and hawthorn fruits you will have in your hands a powerful mixture for strengthening your immunity.


7 herbs to boost immunity
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Herbs for Immune Enhancement: General Guidelines


How to prepare the herbal decoction


  • You will follow the classic extraction method, i.e. in hot water 80-90 ° C (not boiling) you pour a full teaspoon or a tablespoon – depending on your preferences – and leave it for 10-15 minutes before passing it through a strainer and drink it.
  • If you want to add honey, you add it after the water has become lukewarm (at 50 ° C, that is, roughly ten minutes after it has boiled).


Immune Boosting Herbs: Important Notes


  • Keep in mind that the consumption of herbs should be done in moderation. If, of course, you feel that your body is asking for fluids and stimulation, especially in the winter months, you can drink 3-4 cups of tea a day.
  • If you have underlying diseases, you should consult your doctor both about which herbs you can consume and the appropriate amount.

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