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The health and vitality of your hair is linked to the balance of the scalp, which everyone is now rushing to take care of.

Oils, serums, scrubs, LED masks… No, I’m not talking about face care here, but scalp care, which has stood out as the biggest trend in the beauty industry in the last year . On TikTok the hashtag #scalpcare has 2.6 billion views, specialized brands are constantly popping up securing generous funding, while established companies are launching complete scalp ranges, which I will introduce to you next.

Consumer surveys show that for a significant percentage of people, hair care is now a part of wellness and is associated with the daily feeling of comfort, well-being and self-confidence.

What has happened all of a sudden that everyone is looking for serums, masks and silicone massage brushes for the scalp? The answer is that we have begun to solidify that fur is… skin . What do we do with the skin? We take care of it, even if it is not visible like the face! We have good reasons for this: as dermatologist Natasha Cook tells the Guardian, ” an unhealthy scalp can lead to hair loss , not to mention the discomfort of flaking and itching.”

What exactly is the scalp?

It is the elastic and durable protective barrier that covers the skull, to which thousands of hairs are “hooked”. The scalp is similar in structure to the skin on the rest of the body, but thicker and with special features such as faster renewal, greater production of sebum and sweat, and denser hair follicles. It has its own microbiome , that is, specific types of bacteria that live there, which act as a first defense against external factors. It also has the highest concentration of sebaceous glands (as does the face). The sebum they produce naturally protects the scalp from environmental attacks, lubricates the hair shaft and prevents moisture loss.

As you understand, the scalp is an “ecosystem” that needs protection like everything else on our body. It is very easily contaminated by sebum and sweat, reacts when it loses its balance and often has skin problems.




How exactly is the scalp connected to hair loss?

The scalp is the ground where hair grows. When this soil is fertile, i.e. healthy, the hair follicles produce keratin without disturbance, which is necessary for hair that is strong, shiny, thick, resistant, elastic, easy to manage. But if the ecosystem of the scalp is disturbed, this imbalance affects the health and appearance of the hair. Environment, lifestyle, heredity, hair products and chemical work are the reasons for this imbalance, causing over-secretion or under-production of sebum.

In the first case, the scalp becomes greasy, the hair shines and greasy dandruff, itching, redness and bad smell appear. In the second, the scalp dries out and manifests dry dandruff, pulling, hypersensitivity and eczema. All of these problems affect the hair growth cycle and can lead to premature hair loss or thinning.

Now that you’ve learned the basics about the scalp and if you’re concerned about hair loss and thinning, maybe it’s time to discover how you can provide it with specialized care.

The OW suggests

– Scalp Solutions range, Aveda

For holistic and vegan scalp care you only have to trust Aveda. The products of the series contain ingredients of natural origin in percentages from 94 to 98% and are based on research on adaptogenic herbs.Before washing, gently and deeply exfoliate the scalp with the Exfoliating Scalp Treatment liquid gel, to reduce oiliness and remove dirt, product residues and dust without disturbing the epidermal barrier.

Refreshing and with a light scent of flowers, citrus fruits and herbs is the Refreshing Protective Mist, which provides antioxidant protection throughout the day and controls oiliness for 48 hours, while helping to protect and shield the scalp from oxidative stressors.

Before bed, apply the Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum , which strengthens and shields the scalp’s epidermal barrier to balance its microbiome and improve its hydration. And to complete the – according to Aveda – scalp care ritual, try the soft and flexible Stimulating Scalp Massager brush, which removes dirt and product build-up, enhances microcirculation and offers a well-being experience.

– Scalp Advanced range, L’Oréal Professionnel

This professional line to rejuvenate and restore the damaged scalp you’ll be looking for in the salon was developed in collaboration with three hair stylists specializing in the scalp and is based on targeted, dermatologically active ingredients. Initially, the series includes three shampoos, for dandruff, sensitive scalp and oily hair .

For oily hair, which needs light volume, there is a 2-in-1 clay mask for deep conditioning, which can also be used as a shampoo to remove residues, sweat and sebum. Finally, the refreshing and light Intense Soother gel with niacinamide targets the sensitive scalp, for immediate and intensive soothing and relief, which immediately smooths and detangles the hair.

– Bonacure Collection, Schwarzkopf Professional

Do you want to enhance the future quality of your hair? Schwarzkopf promises to help you with the three lines of the Bonacure collection, which include a shampoo and a serum, and guarantee a balanced scalp by harnessing the power of superfoods and recognized skin care ingredients.

The Anti-Dandruff range for dandruff-prone scalp contains antioxidant superberries to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and alpha-hydroxy acid, which removes residues and pollutants, breaks down dead cells and keeps the scalp hydrated.

The Root Activating range stimulates with guarana and contributes to keratin production, strengthening hair and increasing hair vitality with biotin.

Finally, the Scalp Soothing range treats dry or sensitive scalp prone to irritation with the antioxidant and nourishing kale, as well as an ingredient from the leaves of the Asian sedge, which has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing effect.

– Vegan Sensorial Cream Scrub, Authentic Beauty Concept

The haircare brand that advocates the purity of ingredients and sustainability (and collaborates with the popular Greek DJ Peggy Gou), offers a unique transformation experience not only for the scalp, but also for the body and face. The Sensorial Cream Scrub offers gentle exfoliation, restores the balance of the skin’s moisture levels, removes excess oil and product residues, without causing irritation.Contains sustainably sourced shea butter and natural exfoliating ingredients such as apricot kernels, chia seeds and walnut shells.

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